Want to reach

100 000+

Remote tech experts?

Hidden Gurus makes it easy to hire experienced remote tech experts via our Job Board and Telegram channels.
Why Telegram channels?

Telegram is not just a messenger anymore, but an excellent tool to hire remote tech gurus. 70% of the tech experts in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are using different thematic telegram channels on the regularly basis.

The major part of HR managers in Russia and Eastern Europe remarked the efficiency of telegram hiring in the IT area and are using them constantly. So why aren’t you?

How does it work?

Сreation phase.

Creation of the company account and specific job offer(s).

Screening process.

Our Customer Success Manager makes a screening of your job offer(s).

Selection of the targeted channels.

We select relevant Telegram channels with high engagement rates. By relying on our data analytical tools, we make a picky selection.

Preparation of the job post.

We prepare customized job post for every Telegram channel.

Communication with the owners of the channels.

We communicate with the owners of the channels to ensure that job posts go live on time, and they will reach as many relevant applicants as possible.

Benefits of Hidden Gurus
Hire brightest tech minds from WorldWide, easily.
Receive a lot of relevant applicants in a
short time.
Reach more than 100 000+ tech experts in the thematic telegram channels (largest database of remote workers in Russia & Eastern Europe).
Save up to 50% on the development costs,
thanks to the moderate rates of the software developers.
Attract passive searchers, who are not checking job websites regularly.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If our applicants do not live up to your expectations, simply get in touch with us within 30 days, and we'll promote your job offer again for free.
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Our tech gurus have experience working on projects in e-commerce, Blockchain, FinTech, Healthcare, HRTech, Gaming, etc
Pricing & Packages

Starter Package

199 EUR*

(~ 25 000 coverage)

  • Job posting on the optimum number of telegram channels.
  • Job board placement for 120 days.
*or the USD or GBP equivalent

Standard Package

249 EUR*

(~ 35 000 coverage)

  • Job posting on the large amount of telegram channels.
  • Job board placement for 120 days.
*or the USD or GBP equivalent

Top reach Package

299 EUR*

(~ 70 000 coverage)

  • Massive promotion of the job offer on all the largest telegram channels.
  • Job board placement for 120 days.
*or the USD or GBP equivalent


Discount for 3 job offers


Discount for 5 job offers
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