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In this article, you will learn more about the Hidden Gurus platform. You will discover all its advantages in finding remote work for programmers, project/product managers, data engineers and designers. After this short text, you will crealry understand how to use it. 

Find remote work with registration.

In this article we will give some advices how to find great remote position and will list the most well paid remote jobs in the USA and Europe. 

Also we will explain what is the diffrence between freelance and remote work. 

Find remote work in Europe.

We would like to share with you more detailed description of the freelance and remote work empoyee status. 

Afterwards we will give you some tips how to fine remote job in Europe.

HIDDEN GURUS / Remote specialists and reliable employers

Hidden Gurus it's an innovative platform which combines Job Board and Telegram channels approach.  

It helps us to attract not only active searchers, who check Job Board vacancies regulary, but also make targeted promotion to the passive searchers via relevant Telegram channels.

Overview of remote work websites.

We would like to share several insights regarding remote job search approach. It's quite important to be aware about the situation on the market. 

Also we would like to explain more in details how is working Hidden Gurus platform algorithm. 

Find Full Stack Developer Job

Let’s have a close look on Full Stack developer profession. What are the responsibilities of Full Stack developer? Which programming languages, libraries and frameworks he is using on the regular basis?

Find a Cloud Engineer Job

In this article we will describe what are doing Cloud Engineers and why they are so valuable for the companies.

Find remote work as a programmer

Short resume how programmers without hassle can find remote work or punctual freelance project on our platform. 

Everything is quite straight to the point.

Find a remote job with registration

Why people go for remote work? We will list all the reasons in this short article. 

Also we will explain which moments you need to take in the account, before you will sign the contract with employer. 

How to create a portfolio and what to avoid.

We would like to give you several advices how to create a remarkable porfolio. This portfolio will catch employers attention and you will get the job of your dreams. 

Also we will tell you what are the signs of the bad portfolio, so you can avoid them. 

How to hire employees for a remote job?

Remote work is gaining ground every year, more and more employees would like to hire remote workers. How to find a perfect candidate for your position? Check it out in our article. 

About DevOps Specialists

DevOps profession in the spotlight. We will explain why DevOps experts are so valuable for different IT companies.

Find a job as Cryptography Engineer

We would like to talk more about Cryptography Engineer position. 

Let's have a look what are the responsibilities of this security expert.

Current remote jobs

In this article we will speak about most high-rated remote jobs, like SMM, SEO or Copywriters.

We will describe in details what are their main responsibilities. 

How to find the best IT Specialists?

Let's talk more about headhunting in the IT sector. What are the latest trends? How our platform can help to find highly qualified IT remote specialists?