How can a designer work remotely?

Finding a remote job for a designer is quick and easy on the Hidden Gurus website. Graphic designers, UI / UX designers, 2D / 3D artists, brand designers can find an advantageous offer of cooperation. Check regularly for updates on our website, and you will surely find your dream job!

Remote vacancies for programmers.

Programmers - especially good specialists, will always be in demand among employers. Read the article for a quick guide on how you can find permanent remote work or a profitable freelance project on our website.

Online traditional professions.

Working in the IT sphere remotely is a very common practice, but today more and more professions are switching to a remote work format. We invite you to find out where to work remotely for teachers, lawyers and other specialists in traditional industries who have recently begun to master the remote format of cooperation.

Remote work as a standard of labor of modern specialists.

In the article, we will consider the current opinion of specialists who are considering the growth trends of remote vacancies and the advantages of this work format. Also on the site we can offer real options for remote employment.

Remote work has a positive effect on the ecological environment.

Remote work has a positive effect on the environment. About 30% of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment are generated by road transport. It is obvious that the reduction in business trips by private vehicles has a beneficial effect on the environment, significantly improving the air quality in the city.

Teleworking reduces stress.

Remote work has a number of advantages: flexible hours, time savings, comfortable working conditions, and much more. All of this taken together can reduce stress levels and increase a sense of satisfaction from work and life in general.

Remote savings.

Remote employment provides a real opportunity for employees to save money. After all, just think about how much you have to pay daily on the way to the office. Remote work allows you to reduce many items of expenses and significantly saves your family budget.

Remote work is available to an increasing circle of specialists.

The great thing about teleworking is that it can broaden the diversity of the workforce and attract professionals from around the world. This significantly increases competition among performers and makes it possible to choose the best of specialists. Note that companies that employ people from different cultures and religions receive 30-35% more profit than others. Read more about this advantage of remote employment for employees and employers, as well as available vacancies, in our article.

Pandemic and teleworking in 2020.

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has forced a large number of companies to take a different look at the principles of the organization of work, putting the value of human life at the head of everything. More than 14% of global companies have switched to telecommuting, and these innovations have caused a number of difficulties for untrained employers.

We reveal the concept of remote work.

Remote work - what does this concept include? In the article you will find the answer to this question, as well as find out where and who first got the idea to work remotely, what are the fundamental differences between freelancing and working remotely.

Teleworking has a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

In remote work, self-organization is important and then it will only have a positive effect on the emotional state, physical and mental health. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to prevent professional burnout and improve your health, which will allow you to successfully work remotely.

Remote work helps to narrow the gender inequality in IT.

It is generally accepted that only men work in the IT sphere. Vacancies of programmers, developers, data scientists, project managers in offices are most often occupied by men. Although there are no less talented specialists among women. Remote work has helped fill this gap and restore gender equity.

Councils for finding remote work.

Where to find good and highly paid remote work? We will show you what to look for during your search and how to achieve the desired result. In this text you will find comprehensive answers to all questions

TOP in-demand professions for remote work.

Who can work remotely? We have compiled a rating of the most in-demand specialties, the demand for which is only growing every year. The article presents a list of promising and highly paid remote occupations that you should pay attention to when looking for a job.

The main differences between remote work and freelancing?

Some people believe that organized online work and freelancing are two of the same forms of employment. In fact, these types of employment have completely different social, financial and official guarantees. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Freelance myths.

Freelancing opens up tremendous opportunities for many professionals, as well as gives freedom and independence, in comparison with office work. But freelancing is steeped in myths. Let's figure it out together in the most popular ones.

Remote work and freelancing - what are the differences?

Freelance and remote work are mistakenly confused by many. But these types of employment have fundamental differences. We propose to figure out what is the difference, and what is the similarity of these related concepts.

In search of the best IT specialists.

IT headhunting is one of the latest trends in digital business. Learn how our Hidden Gurus platform can help you find highly skilled remote IT professionals in this article.

Remote vacancies in SMM, SEO and copywriting

Today we will talk about the classic remote professions, for which there are always vacancies. These are SMM, SEO, copywriters. Let's figure out what their main responsibilities are and show you where to find a high-paying job in these areas.

Find a job as a cryptography engineer.

In this article, we will tell you more about the position of a Cryptographic Engineer. This is an interesting but rare specialty in the IT field. We will clarify the responsibilities of a cryptography engineer and define the requirements for this specialist.

How not to be mistaken in a remote employee?

Remote work is gaining more and more popularity every year. Both employees and employers find their advantages in this form of employment. To find the perfect candidate for a vacant remote position, you need to know a few secrets that we will share in this article.

About DevOps specialists.

 DevOps is a new profession that today occupies a special position and is in the spotlight. Find out why DevOps is so valuable to different IT companies.

Secrets to Building a Successful Portfolio

The main goal of creating a portfolio is to interest the attention of a potential employer, revealing its full potential in it. We'll give you some tips on how to create a good portfolio, what mistakes to avoid and ultimately get your dream job.

Find a remote job with registration.

Why people go for remote work? We will list all the reasons in this short article. 

Also we will explain which moments you need to take in the account, before you will sign the contract with employer. 

Where can a programmer find a remote job?

Finding a job as a programmer is easy if you know where to look. The Hidden Gurus website is designed specifically for the IT industry. This resource is equipped with a convenient filter, which allows you to quickly select suitable offers for certain specialties. This makes finding a job much easier for programmers, project managers, and designers.

Database administrator is a demanded profession in the IT sphere

Today, database administrators are in great demand among employers, and the specialists themselves are attracted by the level of their salaries, their free working hours. Let's figure out why this profession has so rapidly entered the TOP of the remote professions of the current year, and we will show you where to find a job as a developer and database administrator.

How to find a cloud engineer job?

Want to know what cloud engineers do? In this article, we will tell you what the responsibilities of these specialists are and what is their value to companies.

How to find a full stack developer job?

Have you heard of the Full Stack developer profession? After all, few people know about this specialty from the field of computer development, but with all this, the Full Stack developers are in great demand today. What are the responsibilities of a Full Stack developer? What programming languages, libraries and frameworks he uses regularly, as well as where he can work, we will tell in this article.

The easy way to find a job worth a million.

We invite you to find out the main advantages of Hidden Gurus, which can be used by applicants, employees, candidates who have registered on the portal. Our main goal is to help as many candidates as possible find their dream job!

Review of web sites for remote work.

More and more specialists are interested in the remote form of employment. We will share some ideas regarding the approach to finding remote work, talk about the situation on the labor market, and also reveal the details of the Hidden Gurus platform algorithm.

HIDDEN GURUS - a new site for finding and offering remote work

Hidden Gurus is a handy tool that connects job seekers and reliable employers. This site combines many techniques. We are talking about a set of different measures, starting with the Vacancy Notice Board for active users and ending with the targeted promotion of job offers among passive job seekers through the appropriate Telegram channels.

How to find a remote job in Europe.

In this article, we propose to consider who are freelance and remote employees of the company, as well as find out how to get remote work in Europe.

Remote job search with registration.

You can work officially remotely. In this article we will try to explain to you the difference between remote work and freelancing. We will give you tips on how to find good remote work, and list the most profitable and high-paying jobs in the US and Europe.

The best site for finding remote work

Hidden Gurus is an Internet platform that provides ample opportunities for finding good remote work or posting up-to-date job offers. Hidden Gurus allows programmers, project managers, system administrators, designers and many, many other specialists to find work, and not necessarily those employed only in the IT sphere. The article describes in detail how to use the site. We wish you good luck with your employment!