Published: 27.10.2020
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TOP in-demand professions for remote work.

Because of digital technology development, people can work from home without leaving their house, which most people find very convenient. Remote job saves you time that you usually spend on the road to work. There are some highly-demanded remote jobs listed below.

Project manager

The project manager is a specialist responsible for the organization of workflow and achieving the ultimate goal. The project manager must draw up a technical task for specialists, establish communication within the team, and monitor work completion. To work as a remote project manager, you only need a computer and a smooth Internet connection, which is why many companies hire these specialists remotely. There are lots of Project Manager vacancies on the Hidden Gurus portal in the following section https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/project-managers-consultants

Internet marketer

The Internet has become a powerful tool for getting customers and brand promotion tools. That’s why there is a continuously growing demand for Internet marketers engaged in attracting an audience on the world wide web. Internet marketer’s tasks don’t require a stay in the office. They can work with promotion tools using their personal computer.


Due to the low entry threshold, copywriting is one of the most popular industries in long-distance work. These specialists write informational and selling texts. Most copywriters work-from-home, on freelances labor exchanges, or in companies.


Digital product designers are highly requested in the field of Internet marketing. Their task is to make the product catchy and memorizing. Specialists work on the appearance of websites and mobile applications and the development of company logotypes. There are lots of remote designer vacancies in Russia and around the world.


SEO-specialist is responsible for the search engine's website optimization. Most traffic goes through Google. Therefore, SEO-specialists will be in demand for a long time. Most of them work remotely.


It has been the highest demanded profession for a long time. There are many directions, including the development of websites, applications, and personal computer programs. As time goes, more and more programmers start working remotely.

List of programmer vacancies: https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/tech/front-end


Web analyst

It’s one of the focal areas in Internet-marketing. Web analysts study the target audience of the product. Based on achieved data, they make recommendations for other specialists. You can find a job as a web analyst on our website, which is https://hiddengurus.com

It offers many vacancies from around the world.

Software tester

A software tester is a specialist responsible for checking the operation of the program and identifying bugs. The main thing in this profession is perseverance and attention to detail.


The recruiter or HR-manager is a specialist responsible for finding employees for the company. Most HR-managers work remotely.