Published: 08.06.2020
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About DevOps specialists.

In a modern IT world, DevOps is a trendy and beneficial direction, since it offers many advantages to organizations and companies. 

Specificity of this profession

DevOps engineer performs the implementation of appropriate methodologies. They are multi-profile specialists who can automate processes and understand specificity of developers (programmers) activity, testers quality assurance and managers (system administrators). In particular, DevOps engineer synchronizes all stages of software product creation, including writing code, testing process, and release of the application. DevOps specialist unites all parts of the project and helps to simplify the work of the abovementioned professionals.

This way, DevOps combines development (Dev) and direct operation (Ops). It represents the unification of people, as well as processes and technologies. The culture of DevOps has appeared to unite development and support into one, and as a result, to combine two "pillars" around shared responsibility for the final product.

DevOps engineers know how to program and quickly become familiar with sophisticated tools.


Advantages of this profession

There aren't many of such engineers (there are 2-3 vacancies for one DevOps specialist). Employers are ready to pay them well and there are many available vacancies.

Requirements for this vacancy

Must have a combination of skills in several professions. Experience – up to three years. It's important not to be afraid of consulting functions.

If you need to find a DevOps job

Today, DevOps engineers (including without experience) are needed for large corporations, public cloud services, and trading systems. Such specialists are needed in different organizations to support different IT solutions. 

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