Published: 23.10.2020
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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of remote employment.

“Work from home”, “Remote jobs” are popular queries in search engines for work websites. Several years ago we saw the future in this, today it is already our present. Implementation of advanced technologies, process automation, made it possible for employers to convert many job positions to a remote format.

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the remote work for the employee and the employer.

Once you start working remotely, you do not need to:

  • Waste your time and money on the road to the office.
  • Communicate with colleagues for decency.
  • Attend "very important" corporate events.
  • Work in an uncomfortable environment.
  • Take a risk of getting sick from COVID-19 or another virus.

If you live in a small town with low wages, the opportunity to increase your income is more than real. Let's say you are an experienced UI/UX designer living in the small town of Europe, United-States or Russia.  Thanks to remote work option you have a real opportunity to sell your knowledge and skills for high salary and make your cherished dreams come true.

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Normally, your efficiency will increase and your income should grow. But of course to achieve good results self-organization is the key.

If you do not have this skill, this format of work will not bring any benefits for you.

Another very important point:

You need to clearly understand that your loved ones at home - live, relax, communicate, but do not work. By turning your home into an office, you risk destroying your relationship with them - this is the biggest disadvantage.

An employer who switches to a remote format can definitely count on:

  • Reducing the cost of renting office (s). This can be a really important saving for your business. Saved money you can invest in the development of your business.
  • Possibility to reduce costs for some employees. You will not need to rent accommodation and pay for business travels for an employee hired in another region or country.
  • Attracting the best employees in a variety of countries (developers, data scientists, designers, product managers and many, many others)

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  • Loyal and satisfied employees. Lack of wasting time and money on the road, work in comfort and the opportunity to avoid communication with those with whom you do not want.

Cons for an employer

It is worth to note the lack of control on employees working hours. The minimum communication with employees is also a minus.

Side effects of remote work

They are obvious - a lack of communication. Together with the absence of the need to travel to the office, a person is deprived of social communication.

Just several advices in this case. Go out more often - cinema, theaters, museums, exhibitions. Meet friends, expand your circle. Trainings, seminars, lectures - will improve your professional level and fill a communication deficit.

Live a more active lifestyle – talk more with your friends, play sports, and then you will have only advantages for the remote work format.