Published: 10.06.2020
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Find a job as a cryptography engineer.

Hidden Gurus website is the platform where you can find a job as well as post the vacancy for any position. It's perfect for the employers as well as for people looking for the available position. For example, looking for a Cryptography Engineer position will not take much time. The platform has a special search line to enter the position you are looking for.


Cryptography Engineer must know how to manage projects, the essence of which is to reform cryptographic keys based on the main authentication center.

He also must participate in the development of software, integrated with AC. 

Also, Cryptography Engineers must be able to set up the module of integration, provide smooth operation in the authentication center, and be able to manage it completely. The Engineer services this center and carries out regulated processes.



To work as a Cryptography Engineer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Receive high education in this profession
  • Know PC-administrator skills to perfection
  • Have 3 years of experience
  • Know all necessary laws
  • Be able to protect data using innovative technologies
  • Know the principles of this protection and how to organize it
  • Know the base of network technologies and their basics
  • Be able to work with different operating systems such as Windows, on a level of a system administrator
  • Build modern means using modern computer facilities
  • Have the basics of authentication center’s functional
  • Know essential methods of information protection
  • Possess skills necessary for the preparation of regulatory documentation
  • Have experience in software development

Knowledge of the English language is a plus (written and technical). This way, a person can find a job even overseas. Candidates without work experience can be considered if they have a required education. Students may be suitable who study in the last course of higher educational institutions.


Posting and finding vacancies

To post a vacancy, you must click on the following link https://hiddengurus.com/regEmployer

Then, you must fill out the following fields:

  • Company name
  • Company’s address
  • Number of employees
  • E-mail address
  • Password

Then click on the “register” button. Next, you must write out all the requirements, which will be presented to the employee. Finding vacancies is very easy. Simply go to https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs

You will see a full list of all offers. The person only needs to decide which position he wants to get.


The Cryptography Engineer profession is not so easy, but it's quite interesting. It's a rare profession and you will recieve a lot of interesting offers from the companies.  Also, the salary is quite high, and you are guaranteed to have a full social packet.

Hidden Gurus website works honestly, and it constantly analyzes posted vacancies. Therefore, there isn't going to be a situation when you apply for a job that is already taken.