Published: 26.10.2020
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Freelance myths.

Freelance - Heaven on Earth or flames of Hell?

Pandemics' situation has forced many companies to embrace work-from-home mode. Many employees put a resignation letter on their boss's desk and start freelance work. We must say that freelance work is not as easy as most people think. This type of work format is covered with many tempting prospects, but there are also many “pitfalls” that we will discuss. 

“Only a few hours a day!”

It is the most common misconception of beginner freelancers. They think that they will only work four hours a day, maximum. They are planning to spend the rest of their time with friends, children, taking care of their home, reading books, resting, etc.

In fact, the beginner freelancer "plows like an ox" for 8-9 hours a day while cursing everything in the world. And by the end of the day, he can be easily squeezed out like a floor mop.

“I'm on maternity leave. Maybe I should work-from-home". That's how most young moms think. They can spend their first several months freelancing while their baby is sleeping, but when he starts walking and talking, they will need to spend lots of time playing with a child, telling stories, teach new things, spend time outside, and much more. There won't be any time for freelancing!

“I say “no” to a supervisor!”

That's how usually people think without any freelance experience. Freelancer can have several supervisors simultaneously since many remote workers work on few projects at the same time.

“Clients will find me on their own."

That’s one more myth about remote work. If you worked in the company, before you decided to become independent, you must know that people in different departments looked for clients, carried out negotiations, and accounting. You are the freelancer now, and you work alone. So you have to do all the things now that other people did for you in the company: finding clients, negotiating payments and deadlines, discussing further cooperation, viewing possibility of adding a project into your portfolio – you have to do all this by YOURSELF.

“Absence of career growth”.

Many people, including freelancers, think that there won't be any career growth with long-distance work. If you have an impressive portfolio made of completed projects and positive reviews from your clients, you can expect a higher rate for your work, plus you can set a final price for a project.

"You can work-from-home in pajamas."

If the freelancer is highly self-organized, he can work in a shroud, the Bathrobe, kimono, or even the bearskin. But research shows that the employee is the most productive when his hair is washed, and he's working in a clean office suit and polished shoes. 

“You can be lazy on freelance!”

Not really! If a person is working remotely, it doesn’t mean he’s not being monitored. All the laziness and thwarted projects/deadlines will be reflected in clients' negative comments, causing a freelancer's reputation to drop.

“Remote work is better than an office job”-

That's how most beginner freelancers think. But the office job doesn't have clients returning you a project for revision at three o'clock in the morning to be fixed immediately. You don't need to ask the customer to fill out a brief for the order, etc. You work 8-9 hours a day in the office, and you're done!

"Freelance is for software engineers."

Unfortunately, that's what people think that never had anything to do with freelance. These people often believe that remote work means close work with computers, and capable of working with them are software engineers, developers, application testers, etc. 

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