Published: 24.05.2020
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HIDDEN GURUS - a new site for finding and offering remote work

For employers, seeking remote technical workers, specialists that prefer to work remotely, we recommend a new website in finding the personnel. HIDDEN GURUS Internet platform is a convenient tool https://hiddengurus.com/regEmployer

which guarantees to get professional experts for technology companies of different levels in the shortest time possible, and provision of desired work for the job seekers.

HIDDEN GURUS for remote specialists

It’s hard to find decent work and salary for IT specialists in Russian Federation, Belarus, and Ukraine. Not all employers can propose interesting projects and high salaries.  HIDDEN GURUS project https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs offers lots of vacancies in small and leading world companies. Before the job is posted, it’s carefully checked, and due to the screening process, the job-seeker finds work with a decent employer and a good salary.

Three main advantages of searching for remote job on Hidden Gurus:

  1. Independent planning of workday
  2. A salary that is relevant to the professional level
  3. Large selection of companies and offers

On our Job Board, you will find posts specifying the level of English and computer languages, work experience (from 1 year and more), and minimum/maximum pay. You can independently determine your professional skills and knowledge of tools or view the available vacancies in the search line. Registered users, as well as guests, can check our platform.

HIDDEN GURUS for the employers

Software engineers developed this platform, considering the needs of tech remote gurus and legal entities. Our platform includes the tools helping to search, analyze, and learn about possible vacancies in Tech, Data and Digital. Employers look for the experienced remote workers from different countries and try to get the best ones on board. 

Five advantages of hiring remote specialists through a website:

  1. Employment of appropriate employees for the company
  2. Due to a large number of applicants, it’s possible to adjust the wages.
  3. By reducing the cost of maintaining additional office space, purchasing furniture and consumables.
  4. Time difference automatically launches the 24-hour functioning of the company.
  5. Increased performance of the staff.

Hidden Gurus help employers to reach relevant candidates via our Job Board and targeted Telegram channels. We guarantee that you will recieve a lot of relevant applications in a short time. Payment of services depends on the chosen package, confidentiality is respected, and the CloudPayments center controls the safety of online payments. It's convenient for American and European employers to hire remote tech and digital specialists via our platform.