Published: 09.06.2020
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How not to be mistaken in a remote employee?

Remote work is becoming very popular. For many people, it seems like a perfect idea to earn money and advance on the career ladder in the convenience of your home. The employee must complete given assignments in a specified time frame, distributing his work throughout a day on his own.

Under the circumstances of modern realities, remote work helps many companies in developing and increasing their employment state. A person can get a job in a foreign company, which is far away from his home. It also helps the enterprises and employees save money that could have been spent on getting a large office space, apartment rental, travel to work, and other expenses.

There is also one more reason for starting remote work - it's the spread of viral infection, as Product Testers jobs. Many countries are in the state of quarantine, and people shouldn't leave home without a legitimate excuse. Transfer to remote work helped many people in keeping their workplaces and saving businesses.


Finding a way to attract the employees

To find experienced and skilled employees, you can use services on specialized websites. There are many web-resources, but https://hiddengurus.com deserves special attention. It's perfect for employers trying to attract new staff and job seekers who want to change the place of work. The website database is continuously updated, offering current jobs at the labor market.

The website is in English.

To find a job, go to the following link https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs

This section has many vacancies for different professions. They are posted in the form of a list with salary expectation, English level, work experience and remote worker location. When you click on the vacancy, the website will provide detailed information about the job and you can use the button "Apply for a job."

The section for posting vacancies is at the following link https://hiddengurus.com/regEmployer This option is for the employers wanting to attract new staff. To post the job, the employer must register the company first. It’s a simple process and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

A website for finding a remote job will be useful for all countries and not just the Russian Federation or CIS countries. Web-resource services can be used by everyone, despite the country of residence. Using the convenient search system, you can quickly find the vacancy you need. If the user runs into a problem while posting or applying on the website, he can turn to the "Frequently asked questions" section. Portal guests can get acquainted with the payment terms, the policy of confidentiality, and other relevant information.

This portal is different from many others because it's aimed at remote work and forged for the IT industry. The employers are fine with the fact that their staff members may be located at another point on the planet. The job seeker, who is applying for the position, must take the desired job very seriously. Working without leaving home suggests that the employer must control and organize the working process on his own.