Published: 24.05.2020
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How to find a full stack developer job?

Full Stack developer – is quite an attractive profession in computer development, but not many people know about it. Technical developers don't always understand the full list of requirements for Full Stack developer. Therefore we are trying to explain the features of this profession 

What is this profession all about it:

Most employers and information sources claim that this specialist is responsible for all system functionality: the user side of the product (Front-End) and internal code on servers (Back-End).

Some companies classify a Full Stack developer as the universe soldier, which can deal with software products as well as product management, the operating system setting, fixing of the equipment, and so on. 

In other words, the developer is required to have skills helping him complete the process successfully. Stack – is a combination of software elements for the achievement of desired functionality. 

What is required from Full Stack developer

  • Programming languages are Java, Python, C#, PHP, and others. The list includes languages used for writing business processes. It’s not necessary to learn everything. It’s enough to understand the language grammar, features of structuring, projecting, realization, and testing.
  • Frameworks and libraries are Hibernate, MyBatis, Python Django, and other platforms required for programming languages.
  • Front-end technologies. A specialist must be able to design and create a beautiful cover with the service's simultaneous convenience.
  • The product needs to store information on the Internet. Therefore, Full Stack developer must understand the basics of MySQL, Oracle, Redis, and other databases.
  • Developer often interacts with other specialists and company’s clients. Therefore, the skills of planning, communication, and time-management will be useful.

Where to find work and salary of a specialist

Full Stack developers are needed at many IT companies. This profession is high in demand, but there aren’t many specialists. According to statistics, developers earn $70,000-$100,000 a year in the USA. In Europe, salaries are much lower. In Russia, Full Stack specialists can make $2,500-$3,400 a month.

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