Published: 24.05.2020
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How to find a remote job in Europe.

Contractors and employers always appreciated remote workers. A person can work from any place in the country, and companies don’t need to rent considerable offices to accommodate them. We will tell you about all features of remote employment in this article.

Specificity of remote jobs

A long-distance job can be on a regular basis (in the company) or temporary (freelance). We are not going to discuss working via the Internet, since it’s a different type of income which doesn't require a contract, and all jobs are completed on particular websites – freelance exchanges. 

When being employed by the company, everything is different. The employee holds a specific position. He has a fixed salary and an official working contract. Therefore, the employer cannot refuse your work, which often happens at freelance exchanges, because law regulates everything.

The work is organized through corporate service, which is a single system with access to all documents. Communication is done using messengers and programs for online-conferences. But some companies demand an additional condition. The employee must show up at the office several times a month for training and meetings.

Varieties of remote specialists

First, we want to tell you about the popular professions requested by different companies:

  • Designers, Front-end, Back-end, and Full Stack developers for website creation.
  • Software developers for software design and implementation.
  • Designers, artists, and illustrators for designing a company's product
  • Editors for writing and posting content on the website
  • Technical support specialists for solving customers’ problems

Salary in Europe for the above vacancies varies. For example, a UI/UX designer can get up to $1,800 a month in Russia.


Moreover, this is not the maximum level of earning. It all depends on your skills and abilities.

The specialist must know how to organize his workday since usually European countries don’t regulate the time of work. The employee is required to complete his assignment on time. You must purchase the necessary equipment at your expense. Companies don’t usually provide the equipment needed for work. 

Where to find remote work in Europe

On our website, you can find the appropriate remote vacancy at any IT segment.


Using our convenient filters system, you will be able to choose the required level of English, desired country, and experience of work needed. If you don’t want to make trips to the office, there are vacancies at the service, which suggest entirely-remote cooperation.