Published: 15.08.2020
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In search of the best IT specialists.

In the era of high digital technologies, the need for well-qualified IT specialists grows with each year.

According to the latest information from one of the reputable business resources with an international name, only a small percentage of competent employees in the IT-sphere is actively searching for the required vacancy and ready to consider changing the employment. Considering the situation at the labor market and growing need for using the IT competences in most different industries, the potential employer is forced to make a severe effort on solving the following question: “How to find the best IT Specialists?”

Hunting: where, how, and how effective is it?

There are tons of quite sufficient search resources over the Internet, and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The presence of specialized filters allows the employer to save time in the process of employee selection and familiarization with the applicants ‘ questionnaires. Current databases of potential employees help to use the existing resources effectively and, in a short time, organize the interviews according to the preliminary hunting stage results. The website https://hiddengurus.com is a popular source for solving the personnel problem for the workers and employers. 

There is one more accessible tool for finding an IT specialist. They are the various social media that allow posting ads about the search for employees and relevant conditions.

A unique role plays the community interface, allowing setting required filters for location, education, gender, age, interests and other criteria.

This way, the search for participants in communities using these parameters will be more effective.

Subsequent profile analysis of each candidate, which will end up at the filtered list, will help achieve the ultimate purpose. 

About our resource: a large selection of current vacancies

In the tab – Post a Job

By going to the https://hiddengurus.com/regEmployer , you can post the available vacancy in your company in just a couple of clicks. Simple interface, convenient working format, qualified technical support, and regularly updated applicants' database – it's all been appreciated by our regular users. The resource is specialized in hunting for qualified specialists in the IT-sphere at different places in the world: from Russia to Australia, from the USA to Great Britain. 


International platform posts large quantities of active resumes:

  • system analytics
  • web illustrators
  • data engineers
  • copywriters
  • web marketers
  • UI designers
  • other specialists

Hidden Gurus provides a reliable help in the search for real experts in a digital sphere.