Published: 02.12.2020
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Online traditional professions.

Last year, there were active discussions in the community on the topic of remote work. If not a pandemic, then this process would stretch over several decades. In connection with the coronavirus, many companies have switched to telecommuting using modern software. In this case, we can highlight Zoom, which allows you to conduct meetings online.

Remote operation has even affected the judicial system, courts are conducted online, and documents are processed electronically. But this approach does not last forever; over time, many employees will return to their offices. But this does not mean that remote has no future.


Now you can see how not only companies and enterprises are switching to the remote option, but also schools and universities. There are even cases with preschool institutions. Recently, the number of online tutors and trainers has grown.

Coaches are considered one of the most popular and promising niches. And all because trainers can work remotely using instant messengers and conference calls. Agile Coach is considered the most demanded profession. You can view the "live" vacancy here https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/project-managers-consultants/agile-coaches.

Also, general education schools and institutes are moving online, which means that teachers and educators will not be left without work. Some experts are confident that in the not too distant future all education can move to remote mode, except for practical training.


It's no secret that artists and designers have long been looking for the opportunity to work remotely. And this is not surprising, because the task and conditions can be discussed in the messenger. And now it is noticeable how many creative people are switching to a remote collaboration format.

Companies prefer to collaborate remotely with game designers. The fact is that it is not profitable for entrepreneurs to keep an employee in their office who creates 2D sprites. In the section https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/art-web-graphic-design/2d-artists you can see designers vacancies.

The situation is similar to graphic designers. Large companies prefer to work with specialists remotely. It is cheaper and more profitable, there is no need to organize a workplace.


Writers and journalists are gradually switching to a remote format of cooperation. Internet writers are actively published on various portals and resources. Copywriters also showed themselves excellently in business.

The distance also attracts narrative designers. They develop various storylines for games. There are many such vacancies here https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/art-web-graphic-design/narrative-designers.

HR specialists

Now recruiting managers do not need to sit in the office, it is enough to have a computer at hand. You can search for candidates remotely, and use messengers to organize interviews. This format of cooperation is also convenient for management because you only need to pay for closed vacancies. At the same time, employees are not tied to the office. Various vacancies appear on specialized sites.