Published: 21.11.2020
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Pandemic and teleworking in 2020.

According to the statistics, over 14% of world companies completely switched to remote work in the fall of 2020. This drastically reduced costs for the employer, but new problems have arrived. For example, some company owners started worrying about the risk of disclosure of confidential information, while other supervisors don’t have any experience managing employees remotely.

There are some advantages of remote work for employers.

  1. Reduction of costs for renting and maintaining the office.
  2. Reduction of social packages and the opportunity to hire employees from small towns and regions to work remotely. The employee performs the same duties as in the office, but it's not important where he's located, in the house next door, another region, or even another country. It means that if you are the employer, you can hire workers from different cities without reference to the company's location.
  3. Reduction of financial expenses on wages. For example, last year, a designer's average salary was 4,000 euros in the capital city, but a remote worker earned 3,200 euros.

The most popular remote professions

  1. 2D artist

A creative person can draw the characters, illustrations, promo materials, and any other images using a computer software. To get a well-paying job, there's no need for the artist to work from the office. He can use his knowledge and skills in a pleasant home environment without being attached to the office. By clicking on this link https://www.profguide.io/professions/2d-hudozhnik.html you can find the job you will love, which you can do in the convenience of your home. 

  1. Web-designer

Due to the active development of internet technologies, the web-designer profession is trendy and modern. This specialist "wraps" a wide variety of Internet projects, such as websites, online stores, banners, mobile apps, mailing list templates, and much more. You can find the web-designer vacancy on the international Job Board: https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/web-designer-front-end-developer-covering-temporary-leave---1080.

  1. A programmer

This job is one of the highest in demand among remote vacancies. Not everyone wants to work at the office or in a large team. Qualified specialists can't stay without work for a long time, because work finds these kinds of people. If you need a high-paying programmer job, be sure to visit this section of vacancies: https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/software-engineer---1039

These and other professions allow people to work in the conditions they choose. The employer doesn't breathe down their necks, colleagues don't distract them, and there's no need to drive to work and be there for 7-8 hours. Remote jobs allow planning your schedule and working at the most convenient time.