Published: 24.05.2020
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Remote job search with registration.

Long-distance employment is the same working process only it’s not at the location of the employee but remotely. Interaction between both sides is carried out using information and telecommunication technologies.

Main concepts

Having chosen such an untraditional method of income, you must know two different concepts:

  • available long-distance work (freelance);
  • long-distance employment with official registration

In the first case, all responsibilities in finding customers, paying taxes, and contributions to the Federal tax service lie upon the freelancer. There is no official registration. The only way to make your employment legal is to open individual entrepreneurship.

The second option is more practical, stable, and reliable. It provides a steady income, official registration, and full or partial social package.

Where to find a remote job?

For these purposes, you must choose specialized portals and job-seeking websites. Before you do that, make sure you have a minimal portfolio and resume, in which you must specify the following:

  • your profession
  • work experience
  • years of work and names of companies or enterprises
  • essential and additional skills

It would be best if you decided which employment market interests you the most, native or foreign.

If you chose the second option, your monthly income might be many times more than in the first case. You shouldn't forget your knowledge of a foreign language (most often it’s English). Your level of expertise must be quite high. This way, you will be able to communicate with the employer and complete your assignments efficiently. 

Professions that are high in demand

Understandably, not every specialist can work remotely. People whose profession is associated with physical labor do not have this kind of opportunity. It's possible to find long-distance employment with official registration when it comes to the rest of the jobs. Analyzing the market of current vacancies, we conclude that most demanded professions are:

  • software developers
  • engineers
  • trainers
  • managers
  • workers of art
  • designers
  • graphic designers
  • developers
  • software testers and others

Also, these professions are paid quite well. It’s also possible to find remote work as a photographer or copywriter. But again, we are not talking about freelance work but work in a state, only remotely.

You can study the current list of vacancies on your own at one of the popular websites. To apply for a specific position, you must register first at this resource, providing all necessary personal information.

The legality of labor relations

When you are chosen to work, the company, enterprise, or legal entity will conclude a standard work contract with you, specifying terms of you working in the company, or short-term contract, or contract for the provision of certain services (performance contract). However, it is all discussed preliminarily.