Published: 22.11.2020
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Remote savings.

For those of us who have an entrepreneurial spirit, the advantages of working from home (autonomy, flexible schedule, and comfort) often outweigh the costs (distraction, interruption, isolation). But if you think about it, the advantages and opportunities given by remote work are quite impressive. Especially in the current situation during the coronavirus epidemic, all advanced and smart people won't be left without work since the HIDDEN GURUS platform offers thousands of remote vacancies to specialists in different areas.

If you think about it, there are many things you have to pay for when going to the office every day, and working from home eliminates these paragraphs from your budget.

Why choose the Hidden Gurus platform?

This labor exchange is different from other similar resources. First of all, foreign companies post vacancies on this website. Employers from the USA, Canada, Australia, and other developed countries are looking for qualified specialists worldwide. A new way of completing work responsibilities is remote work, which causes growing interest in job-seekers and employers.

Freelancer doesn't have a permanent contract, but he completes specific projects under an assignment contract or a particular job. It's the most significant difference between a remote employee and a freelancer. 

Freelancers can work on several projects simultaneously and cooperate with different clients, which can be more profitable from a financial point of view.

So, if you are thinking about quitting your office job and starting to work from home, there are financial advantages that you must remember.

Advantages to working from home.

No more travel expenses.

Yes, this includes money spent on travel to work or gasoline if you drive to work or public transportation if you ride a bus or take a subway. If you drive to work, there are additional expenses, such as road expenses, parking, and car repair, since you work every day.

Depending on your life situation, you can stop driving a car whatsoever.

Eat less junk food outside of the home.

It’s easy to find excuses for eating fast food outside of the home when working a regular job. You are stressed when trying to stick to your working schedule, and sometimes it's easier to drink coffee on the road or have lunch at some fast food place. When you work from home, it's much easier to find time and motivation to prepare healthy and inexpensive food. Your body and your wallet will thank you for it. 

Save money on child care

Although it’s not always easy to work from home and watch your kids, it’s still possible. Child care can be quite expensive, so if you can figure out a schedule to spend time with your children and work when they’re napping or playing, you will save plenty of money and gain quality time with your family.

No more additional costs and fees

When you work at the office, there are many ways of making you spend money. For example, a child of your colleagues is collecting funds for his soccer team.  Or everyone donates 10 dollars to buy a pizza and cake for someone’s birthday. Or, employees gather some money to make a gift for their boss’s birthday, and even if you don't like him, you give the money because you don’t want to be the bad guy.

When you are your own boss, and your only colleagues are home pets and close ones, there won’t be any pressure from and fees from colleagues and the entire team.