Published: 15.08.2020
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Remote vacancies in SMM, SEO and copywriting

Coronavirus pandemics of 2020 change the life of the planet. Some time ago, you could hear some condescending comments about the freelance (although, good specialist earns more remotely than some office manager). Today, people seriously think about working remotely. We offer to your attention the highest-rated, most current remote jobs.

What you need to get a remote job

To be a freelancer, you only need:

  • Your professional skills and knowledge;
  • A computer connected to the Internet.

If you have the following two, you can start searching for the vacancy. Remote job has many significant advantages:

  • You don't need to spend time and money for the road. Get an extra hour of sleep instead.
  • No need to dress up for the office and do your make-up.
  • At lunchtime, you can have a home-cooked meal out of your refrigerator without spending money on business-lunch.
  • You work as many hours as you want at your convenient time.
  • There is no geographical reference. Your employer could be thousands of kilometers away from you.

Marketing over the Internet

There is everything sold over the Internet. Specialists in contextual advertising and marketers perfectly work remotely.

Social media groups administrator

Today, social media has so tightly entered people's lives that their capitalization has long bypassed such whales as oil and gas companies.


Someone needs to manage and promote the groups while earning money on it. Almost any social media offers the opportunity to create a community. The developed group is the desired platform for any advertiser.

Working with Tilda Publishing

It's a platform that allows creating websites without any programming skills. Here's the idea: a website is created, the primary purpose of which is to earn money. The resource is sold cheap right away or later at a higher price.

Web design and development

The most large field of activity:

  • Design of advertisement
  • Websites
  • Social media design
  • Logotypes development, etc

 Sometimes, you don’t even need to have a talent or artistic taste. You just need to know how to work with packets such as Adobe.


Site optimization is highly demanded specialization. It's quite understandable because it's not enough just to create the resource. It will start monetizing itself only after getting into the TOP search of Google. If you know how to do it, go right ahead!


Any website needs to be filled with content. Obviously, it isn’t done by the website owners or administrators but specialists-copywriters. Do you know how to write on a given topic?  Then this job is for you. Only take into consideration that writing for Internet resources or in artistic style is not the same thing.

Where to look for remote job

There are many platforms for remote jobs. Almost all of them offer services to those looking for a vacancy and to employers seeking a specialist. Try going to a website https://hiddengurus.com/ and search for a job there or post an available vacancy.