Published: 01.12.2020
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Remote work as a standard of labor of modern specialists.

Now many specialists from different fields have the opportunity to work remotely. Previously, this way of earning money was something unusual in the country, that is, a privilege for the elite, but today people perceive remote work calmly, as an ordinary part of the modern world.

In the process of employment, popular Internet job search resources use employees of all levels as the main tools. In this case, we are talking about junior, middle, senior.

QA Automation Engineer

“… I had to change my job in the CIS several times. I have completed the QA Engineer courses from EPAM, English. At that time, I had a little experience, but I still decided to find a job in an American or European company that provides telecommuting. But even with this type of work, I had more chances to make money than in my city. Well, an additional advantage is great prospects and skills.

In the process of looking for a job, I stopped at one portal, where there were many "live" vacancies. It's about https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/tech. Everyone I approached was refused. My focus was only on foreign companies. Although there were some excellent proposals from Russian organizations.

In total, I sent out 27 resumes, of which I received only five responses.

Among these responses, a suitable developer project from Europe was found. I was invited for an interview, it lasted about an hour. During the conversation, the employer tried to find out my goals, objectives, principles, etc. But the second interview had already lasted 100 minutes. I was asked about the technical aspects, and in the end, I was asked to take a test.

And two days later I received a message from the company that I was suitable for this position. In their notification, they asked me to contact the managers to negotiate the terms of the cooperation contract. I still work in this company and do not plan to change anything, everything suits me.

The job search took just over a week ... ”Anton, 32 years old.

Project Manager

“… At the moment it is very difficult to find this specialist because a professional analyst must understand not only the management nuances but also the specifics of the project. To see this, just look at the section "Project managers and consultants" https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/project-managers-consultants, this is the largest international resource for finding a job. Here you can see a large number of "live" vacancies. At the same time, candidates are offered foreign job options. The main thing is for a specialist to be a professional in his field ... ”Head of business projects, Ivan Kors.

Massive transition of companies to remote work mode: trend prospects

According to the latest data and surveys, productivity at a remote location has increased significantly in recent years. This information is confirmed by US personnel officers. It is possible that soon most of the office employees will partially switch to remote work.

Now the most demanded specialists for remote work are developers, programmers, designers, SEO and SMM managers, and financial industry specialists.