Published: 22.11.2020
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Remote work has a positive effect on the ecological environment.

Remote vacancies started appearing a few years ago. Due to the current pandemic situation, more people switch to remote work and successfully move up the career ladder, making pretty good money without leaving their homes. Many traditional professions have an opportunity to act in a new format today, which is more progressive. Technical support specialists that usually work at the office switched to complete online mode.

Working remotely is not just good for productivity. People working outside of the office have better health, good work organization and they are more responsible. The ability to allocate their time correctly makes them more useful. Properly organized nutrition, physical activity, and a good schedule strengthen an individual's health. Also, this type of activity positively affects the ecological environment. 

It's scientifically proven that nearly 30% of greenhouse gas is produced by auto transport. These substances include carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, and water vapor.

Their presence in our planet's atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect, raising its lower layers' temperature and provoking global warming. It's evident that lowering the number of trips will help to improve the quality of air. According to scientists' latest calculations, if 5,000,000 people will work remotely for one year, it will prevent the appearance of 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gases. To achieve this result, it's necessary to plant 91 million trees.

Besides, the opportunity of working remotely from any place in the world allows lowering crowding of the population of large megacities. And this prevents the appearance of various pandemics, which usually appear where people's density is very high. Therefore, remote work has a positive effect on a global pandemic situation.

No need to have lunches in cafés or eat junk food in fast places. When working at the office, it's a must. Diners and buffets stop preparing food, and therefore, gas, electricity, and water are saved. Harmless emissions that occur during boiling or frying foods decrease to the minimum. This way, the city air gets cleaner, and the amount of oxygen grows.

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