Published: 28.10.2020
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Remote work helps to narrow the gender inequality in IT.

There is a gender gap in almost every profession. It's hard to imagine a male accountant or truck-driving female. However, this gap occurred in a completely atypical "male" or "female" field, such as the IT-technologies.

Gender inequality in the IT field

Because of modern technologies' successful and rapid development, anyone can enter the IT field, despite their gender. From the very beginning of the population, men dominated the technology field. Statistics showed about 63% of male employees vs. 37% females. Over time, the gap has increased and amounted to 78% to 22%.

New work principles and the opportunity of working remotely brought some adjustments to gender inequality. Back in the day, the employer could visually evaluate the employee, but now the assessment is based only on the worker's skills, knowledge, and experience.

Sometimes women receive lots of unnecessary questions during interviews such as: when did you get married, how long are you married, when are you planning a pregnancy, what are your feelings towards children and abortions? These questions are disrespectful, and women don't have to answer them. Online interviews are carried out differently. The employer is interested exclusively in the applicant's skills. Because of the opportunity of working remotely, a job-seeking female doesn't listen to disrespectful questions about reproductive age and her further life plans. 

How to find remote work in the IT field?

Unfortunately, it's harder to find a remote job than a regular job. First, you must decide which type of activity you want to do and if you have the skills for it. Currently, the copywriting job is very trendy. A copywriter writes articles or text for an advertisement to show the benefits of the product and promote sales. This profession doesn’t require special skills. If you wrote your essays well at school, you shouldn't have problems with copywriting. This vacancy is often tightly associated with the artist's work. Check out the following link https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/art-web-graphic-design/narrative-designers. You will be able to find exciting job offers here associated with writing game scenarios. It's enjoyable, progressive, and profitable, which is a fantastic combination for a remote position.

One of the popular professions is Graphic designer. Recruiters are looking for true talents worldwide, offering remote income. You must be able to see almost all shades of the color palette, create beauty, and feel the customer’s mood. Women are usually better in this profession. Here are some available Graphic designer vacancies https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/art-web-graphic-design/graphic-designers

This job will diversify self-development so it’s perfect for a hard-working individual or a talented artist.

A remote job provides an excellent opportunity of finding yourself in the IT-field. It’s impressive creative profession with a good salary.  This job is without gender differences and speculation. You only need knowledge, skills, and persistence to be successful in this work.