Published: 24.05.2020
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Review of web sites for remote work.

If someone says that it’s hard to find a good-paying remote job, they must not know where to look for it. It’s possible to work remotely and get good money for it. All you need is desire, ability to learn quickly, excellent productivity, and, most importantly, good job-seeking service such as hiddengurus.com. It has the best employers from all over the world. Therefore, the level of earning at this platform is above average, because they are interested in attracting competent specialists to their projects. If you are one of them, you will be able to find work here without an effort.

Searching for work properly

The idea of a remote guru is to find a decent paid income for you and bring together two interested individuals-employer and the worker. You simply need to open Job Board or Telegram channel to see all job posts of your interest. The main thing is that our service has only real employers and trusted companies, honorably paying for completed work.

Companies that place job posts at hiddengurus.com are financially and morally responsible not only to the employee but also to the service. This Job Board was made for open and honest employers, ready for lengthy, fruitful, and mutually beneficial cooperation.

How to find your dream job

The main difficulty of remote specialists consists of choosing the right customer or regular employer because there are many job offers, but many of them are from scammers. In general salaries gradually decrease everywhere, because job market is filled with new employees ready to accept low-paying jobs. However at hiddengurus.com we are quite strict in terms of vacancies selection and we are working only with the companies which are proposing decent salaries to their remote employees. 

On our Job Board we created a logical and straightforward algorithm for the convenience of working with a website:

  1. From the main page, go to the vacancy page through the menu by clicking on the “Find a Job”;
  2. On the Job board, there is a catalog with types of professions "Tech, Data, Project Managers & Coaches, Art & Web/Graphic Design." Each one of them has a list of specific professions. Select yours and view the vacancies.
  3. Having chosen the job out of many offers, read its full description by clicking on the vacancy title;
  4. If requirements, responsibilities, and offers of the company match with your opportunities and expectations, start the application process by clicking on the "APPLY FOR JOB" You will see HR e-mail address or transferred to a website of the company, where you will be able to submit your application.

Getting your dream job requires patience and a well-written resume representing you as a perfect remote worker for the employer