Published: 07.06.2020
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Secrets to Building a Successful Portfolio

Portfolio – the candidate's presentation for the work position, his indicator of experience, and his professional skills. Substantially assembled work experience and a quality resume, give significant advantages for getting a promising and well-paid job. Creative and artistic professions are in high demand:

  • designers
  • stylists
  • actors and models
  • beauty specialists
  • photographers
  • architects

The creation of the portfolio is time consuming and detailed process. More information you collect, the more objective the assessment will be, and you will have more chances to complete the interview successfully. Therefore, you must stick to specific rules. You need to know how to create the portfolio correctly and which mistakes are unacceptable.

What does it mean for the employer?

Seeing properly completed projects allows determining correspondence with the resume with the actual state of things. It’s not possible to explain everything in the resume with words. Actual results and visual perception will tell you much more about the level of qualification and professionalism. A large number of jobs performed over a long period will confirm the potential candidate's experience, potential, ability to grow, and self-improve.

What does it mean for the job seeker?

Right portfolio will simplify your job search and speed up the employment process.

When the employer sees the job seeker's job experience, he can decide whether the candidate is a good match or needs a probation period. Also, it's a peculiar memory and a sealed path of professional growth. According to the first and last examples, it’s possible to evaluate your growth, detect mistakes, and tendency to the improvement of proficiency.

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Choose your portfolio

There are three types of portfolio

  • Paper portfolio. Before the computerization period, all achievements were collected in a folder and presented during the interview. Obviously, the paper tends to fade and lose its strength. Images change their initial color and sharpness. Over time, it becomes difficult to appreciate the quality of the paper portfolio. Employment is also tied to the place of residence, which is also inconvenient. The only plus of this kind of portfolio is that a system virus or program failure cannot destroy it.

  • Electronic portfolio. It’s an electronic option of work experience kept on the flash drive, disk, or a Cloud. They can be sent to the employer very quickly regardless of the job seeker's location. Attached examples of work will give you a powerful advantage when filling out a resume or a blog. For remote work, an electronic portfolio is the best alternative to a private interview. Post your portfolio on the website https://hiddengurus.com, and the best employers will see it.

Complex portfolio. It’s best to have two options for the portfolio described above. It’s a good backup plan from unforeseen circumstances, because of which some work may be lost. 

Secrets of proper portfolio

  1. Make a different approach to your portfolio design. Show your personal style that will become your trademark.
  2. Write out your work experience, chronologically. This way, it will be easier for the employer to track your professional development.
  3. Don’t write out all your work experience. Choose the best ones. Make the quality over quantity your priority.
  4. Under no circumstances, use the plagiarism. Another person's achievements will play against you at your first assignment.
  5. Give special attention to your latest projects. It characterizes your current professionalism.

Signs of bad portfolio

Employers may approve your resume but refuse to give you a job after seeing your portfolio. Experienced applicants see typical errors right away:

  • The employer wants to see the best option as well as the worst to make the average output
  • Viewing hundreds of jobs takes up a lot of time. Laconism and consistency attract much more.
  • Jobs are mixed, directions overlap, and there is no integrity.
  • Clones are boring, and they indicate a narrow profile.
  • Absence of updates. It’s best to update your work experience and add your latest jobs. It shows the dynamics of development. Two-year-old posts will not attract the employer's attention.

A good portfolio leads to getting a great job. Take as much time as possible to create an excellent portfolio. Do not spare time to work out the nuances. Rushed filing is visible to the naked eye. An adequately filed portfolio will help the job seeker and employer in finding one another for fruitful cooperation. https://hiddengurus.com is the perfect platform for employers and job seekers.