Published: 29.10.2020
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Teleworking has a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

Many people say that any remote work, whether it's freelance or remote work, harms your physical health sooner or later, causing stress, depression, procrastination, professional burnout, and spinal cord issues worsening of eyesight, and continuous sleep deprivation. And this is not a complete list of “joys” of working remotely.

But working in the office doesn’t help the situation. The designated list includes fear of getting laid off, being late for work, stress from management and unpleasant colleagues, sedentary lifestyle, and more.

But specialists and experienced freelancers say that remote work positively affects your mental and physical health.

1. It raises your self-confidence

The main advantage of working remotely is the freedom to choose an activity that contributes to self-fulfillment and satisfaction. Successful task solutions and recognition from customers and like-minded people raise your self-confidence. The ability to cancel an assigned task or change of employer lowers psychological tension.

2. It strengthens your willpower and self-discipline

Strive to balance work time and rest, and the need to complete the assigned tasks leads to the strengthening of willpower and self-discipline. 

3. It brings satisfaction

When you realize that you can reach your goals and tops of the mountains daily, you get great satisfaction, joy, and spiritual lift.

4. It develops your identity.

The modern Internet is full of different fee-based and free courses to improve your professional skills and "taste" new types of activities. Self-development and opening new horizons develop an identity and make you a better-paid specialist, preventing professional burnout.

5. It brings happiness and fulfillment to your life.

Frequent change of scenes such as travel, floating vacation, and weekdays bring happiness and creative inspiration, widening your communication circle and making your life fuller.

6. It improves your physical health

You can control your physical load by adjusting your own remote schedule. Physical activity prevents chronic illnesses, keeps you in shape, and charges you up with optimism. It's easier to eat healthy with remote work, drink plenty of water, and avoid fast food. A proper diet keeps you fit and good looking, and you also feel great! Getting enough sleep is also very important to stay healthy. You can decide how much you want to sleep while working remotely. You can also add daytime sleep to recover your strength. When working remotely, you don't miss work because you are sick (except for rare cases), and you don't have to violate your mandatory bed rest. You plan your work volume depending on your state of health.

Specialists’ advice

With remote work, you can improve your physical and mental health if you follow these next steps:

  • Comply with your daily routine based on work and balance;
  • Get a workload based on your real abilities and opportunities;
  • Do a morning ritual preparing you for work;
  • Organize a workplace that is restricted from the space of others;
  • Stay physically active, get enough fresh air;
  • Watch your diet and drink enough water;
  • Strive for communication with real people instead of chats, forums, and social networks;
  • Change your scenery to diversify your experience: travel, go to theaters, museums, restaurants, photo galleries, etc.
  • Choose the kind of work that brings you joy and pleasure;
  • Strive for self-development and learning new professions.

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Start working remotely with confidence using our practical health-preserving skills.