Published: 22.11.2020
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Teleworking reduces stress.

American scientists from Wisconsin discovered the following: working remotely can lower your stress level and increase your work satisfaction. Also, there is a decrease in the tension between work and personal life. These and other advantages make long-distance work attractive for people wishing to eliminate stress at work.

Advantages of remote work lowering the level of employee’s stress:

  • Flexible schedule. When you can choose your hours, you feel relaxed and at ease because you can work conveniently.

Note! Remote workers tend to have a higher productivity level than those working at the office. According to the statistics, it grows by 13%.

  • Saving time and money. The employee doesn't have to spend time and money to travel to work. No need to stand at the bus stop in the cold, push around in a trolley-bus or subway. He doesn't go through such stress. Also, there is no need to pay for gas if driving a car to work. He's always working in the comfort of his cozy house.

Note! Remote work promotes employee retention, decreasing the number of layoffs from enterprises.

  • Communication with close ones.

Working remotely doesn’t separate you from your family. Parents usually don’t have much energy left for family and children when getting home from work. There is a different situation when working remotely. Your loved ones are nearby, and you can talk to them throughout the day. For instance, a network security specialist doesn’t need to spend his entire day at the office. He can perform his job working from home.

  • Scientists proved that people who work remotely get sick less. They have less risk of catching the flu or viral infection because they don't travel to work and don't directly contact people at the office.
  • More comfortable environment for work. You can work on a project while sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of tea. Your management doesn’t bother you, colleagues don’t interrupt you, and it’s much easier to concentrate and work in a peaceful environment.
  • Remote work is a godsend for older people. Sometimes, you still can work mentally, but your body needs more gentle working conditions. Remote work can extend older people's careers. It's much easier to complete assignments from home than working in a loud and stuffy office.
  • The opportunity of getting more. In reality, people can care less if someone is working for three people, as long as he’s getting his salary. In freelance, your paycheck is directly proportional to the effort spent. This fair approach also contributes to lowering stress at work. 
  • The opportunity of keeping a job when moving to another location. It's an exceptional bonus of remote work. No matter where you move, you can continue working your remote job.

It is noteworthy! American psychology association confirms that remote employees eat healthier and more active in sports than those working at the office. Also, scientists claim that remote employees strive for personal growth.

All these subtleties drastically change the working conditions, making remote work more comfortable and less stressful for employees.