Published: 24.05.2020
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The best site for finding remote work

On the website https://hiddengurus.com (“Hidden Gurus” Job Board), anyone can find a job or leave a request so that that employer can respond to it. Besides an opportunity of finding work for the applicant, some employers also post job offers. Anyone can post vacancies for different types of jobs in tech and digital areas. There are no restrictions in this case. If you go to the "Find a job" section, you will be able to see a massive list of various vacancies and view each one of them individually.  

To post your vacancy on the website https://hiddengurus.com, you must register first through the following link https://hiddengurus.com/regEmployer

If you don’t know how to register, you can send a message to technical support, and they will explain it to you step-by-step. You will need to make an online payment to post your vacancy. Therefore, you can use any of the following bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR. On “Hidden Gurus” Labor Exchange, a job seeker can post a vacancy using one of the payment plans: STARTER PACKAGE (199 EUR), STANDARD PACKAGE (249 EUR) and TOP REACH PACKAGE (299 EUR).

Find designer remote Work.

One of the most demanded vacancies that many users of website https://hiddengurus.com would like to respond to is remote designer work. Hidden Gurus offers to its users' dozens of such jobs, you simply need to choose the best option for you. If you want to become a remote designer, go to the Job Board section by clicking on this link https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs enter “designer” in the search line (if possible, select search criteria) and click on the search button. As soon as you see a page with a list of vacancies, you can analyze each of them individually.

Today, many employees search for creative designers because digital industry entirely determines the importance of this profession. Most designers today work without leaving their home, but you need to consider it that it's very responsible work demanding deep thinking. When it comes to income, long-distance designer work brings quite a substantial profit. Many employees that are interested in a professional designer, often place job posts on the https://hiddengurus.com website, since there are many job seekers on our platform with vast experience.

“Hidden Gurus” Labor Exchange is the best platform to find remote work.

Comparing to other job-seeking platforms, Hidden Gurus can help you find a job very quickly. The website https://hiddengurus.com is quite simple, and it only takes a few seconds to register. Firstly, Hidden Gurus is a job board associated with tech and digital remote workers.   Online Job Board works in a simple format. It implements a screening process, chooses target Telegram channels, prepares vacancies for the Telegram channel, and then communicates with the channel owners.