Published: 24.05.2020
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The easy way to find a job worth a million.

Even high-class specialists cannot always find a job worthy of their knowledge and skills. The problem of being unable to find employment in a prestigious place often has its reasons:

  • Not enough experience, despite high technical skills
  • Finding a worthy job takes lots of time
  • Deficiency of reliable platforms for posting job vacancies

A simple solution for a back-end or front-end programmers, data specialists and digital gurus is our Job Board  https://hiddengurus.com/.

The platform’s speciality is to provide employement support for remote tech experts and help with recruitment for the employers. 

Main advantages of a platform for tech specialists

  • Platform forged for IT & Digital remote work 
  • Multiple filters: stack, tools, years of experience, English level and remote worker location
  • Prompts processing of job applications
  • The wide varity of job posts
  • Only highly-paid positions

For the employers

  • Job Board selects employees according to required characteristics
  • There are over 100,000 technical specialists
  • Work of platform is completely transparent  
  • Employes can find rare talents 
  • Our platform combines classic Job Board with innovative Telegram channels hiring approach.
  • Quick hire

How the Job Board works

For finding workers and vacancies, our website uses reliable Telegram channels with a high level of engagement:

  1. Over 70% of tech and digital specialists in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine use thematic Telegram channels.
  2. Leading recruiters of Russian Federation and Eastern Europe are using Telegram channels to hire high-class experts.
  3. Searching through the messenger channels takes less time, comparing to thematic websites.


To start looking for a job, you must go to the corresponding section of the website https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs and choose your profession. By using a filter, you can set individual requirements, to search using specific keywords, specifying experience level, and desired place of work. 

Each job post goes through moderation. Therefore, it contains all employer’s requirements in expanded form.

To apply for a job, you need to click on a button and send your resume.


For the employers:

  1. Relevant Telegram channels selected and specific job offers are created.
  2. All job posts are checked by our moderators. 
  3. We have wide thematic Telegram channels selection and help you to close any required position. 

Additional advantages of our Job Board

  1. Optimal prices. https://hiddengurus.com/#pricing
  2. Discounts for the multiple job offers.
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If chosen candidates does not satisfy the clients’ requirements, our exchange posts the offers for the second time, at no charge to the client.
  4. Massive promotion of job post on the different Telegram channels. 
  5. Quick hire of leading tech and digital gurus. 

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