Published: 27.10.2020
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The main differences between remote work and freelancing?

The idea of working over the Internet isn't new, but lately, it has gained a lot of supporters. Quarantine has drastically lowered offline work opportunities. Entire industries had closed, forcing workers to stay at home. But you need money to pay for your home!

Fortunately, if you have an Internet connection, you won't end up without a piece of bread even if you don't have any special skills, but if you do, you will have bread and butter. Despite the similarity of the process and result (perform specific actions that are useful to someone and get paid for it), remote work and freelance are two different things.

Let's define the terminology

A long-distance remote job implies regular employment. A distinctive feature is that the employee's recipient of services is not just the customer but also the employer. In some cases, the employee has a full-fledged working environment. He must communicate with other colleagues through messengers or special software developed by the company. He may be officially employed with all labor-legal relations, according to the Labor Code.

The wage system is also different from the order-based system, resembling a standard office pay system with advance payment and salary, which is not dependent on a specific assignment. Employment vacancy ads are often posted on traditional job-search websites. Highly-demanded professions are associated with intellectual labor – programmers, accountants, and managers.

Freelance work is a system of one-time, irregular work. You discuss your deadline, cost, final result quality, and you can start working on the assignment. This type of work is usually based on verbal agreements. The contractor entirely bears all the risks. Job search occurs on labor exchanges where job-seeker competes with other freelancers, convincing the customer with price, quality, and terms. Compared to remote work, freelancing is characterized by an extensive effort.

You can receive an order for a simple task even if you don't have any special skills. For example, you will need to open the ad, click on "like," leave a comment, and find information over the Internet. Sometimes there are elementary assignments such as having to call someone, become a "secret shopper," or take a photo of something in your city. Of course, these types of simple orders don't pay much. There are good opportunities for high income for those with exceptional web design, programming, or SEO-optimization skills. When freelancers establish relationships with customers, they don't have to look for projects anymore since customers come to freelancers with different offers. The work system of a freelancer is somehow similar to individual entrepreneurship.

Moneymaking is another method of getting income, and it is for high-class specialists. You must build a business system when money comes to you. For example, you open an online store, websites-doorway, or landing page, sharing visitors to partnership programs. There are many systems, but they aren't usually discussed.

Passive income is a perfect system of all moneymakers  - a one-time built system that works without the creator’s participation.

How can you get a remote job?

We are presenting to you a website with available vacancies from all over the world. It’s https://hiddengurus.com

Knowledge of English is preferred.

IT specialists are one of the most demanded professions. In this section https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/tech you can find vacancies for programmers and web-developers. Technical support, website creation, remote system administration, writing software, support of database, and information processing systems – these specialists have different employment choices. 

Creative people, designers with graphic editing skills, and photographers can find a job in the Art & Web/Graphic Design section: https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/art-web-graphic-design

They are also highly requested specialists. Designer’s work can consist not only in the design of websites but also in printing design.

Project manager vacancies https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/project-managers-consultants usually offer development management and promotion of some type of digital products. It is the organization of working interaction between programmers and other specialists during the making of games, apps, and websites. 

If you have a certain specialization, it will be easier for you to find remote work than an office-job. Compared to remote job, a regular job requires less effort in self-organization and time-management. Suppose you know that you need to work from 9-5, interacting with colleagues while being monitored by your supervisor. In that case, you won't be tempted to complete your project later and break the deadline, as it often happens with remote workers.