Published: 29.10.2020
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We reveal the concept of remote work.

Remote work suggests the employment of an individual that's in a completely different location from the employer. They are using the Internet for interaction and modern electronic payment systems or bank transfers to pay for employee's work.

The idea of remote work first appeared in the USA in 1972. A physicist-engineer, US air force officer, Jack Niles was the author of the concept.

Who is considered as a remote worker?

There is a widespread belief that only freelancers work remotely, but it isn't true. Regular employees can work remotely as well as long as they can entirely fulfill their duties using an Internet connection.  The employee can work in his apartment, café, or any other place as long as he is highly self-organized. Not everyone can work effectively without supervision. Despite this, because of the pandemic situation, employees are sent to work-from-home worldwide.

At the beginning of 2020, about 20% of specialists worked remotely in developed European countries and America.

Which specialists can work remotely?

There are many requested and highly paid jobs that can be done remotely. Here are some examples:

Project managers and consultants

Their responsibilities include idea realization, monitoring its implementation at all stages, giving assignments to the team participants, keeping documentation, organizing negotiations, participation in them, etc. Get familiarized with vacancies here https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/project-managers-consultants

Developers (of mobile apps, in particular)

Programmers can work in this profession. Mobile developers usually write apps for mobile devices. In today’s reality, most gadgets work on Android or iOS. That’s why most developers develop software for iOS or Android. There is a list of active vacancies in this category https://hiddengurus.com/list/jobs/tech/mobile-developers. It is not a full list of professions suitable for remote work. I can spend a lot of time listing all of them. Translators, copywriters, 2D/3D artists, and web-designers can work remotely  


Call-center employees can work remotely, as well.

There are freelancers, out sorcerers, remote workers… How not to get confused?

There is a difference between them. Some are conditional, while others clearly define the boundaries of the concept.

Here are the main guidelines:

  • A remote worker is usually officially employed and works in a company regularly.
  • A freelancer is always a long-distance worker that usually completes specific projects.

Out sorcerer is not officially employed but does specific parts of work on a contractual basis.