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Agile Coach vacancy at Illuminate Education

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Illuminate Education

United States, Irvine
Illuminate Education is a market-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) student assessment and reporting platform used by K-12 administrators and educators to measure, analyze, and subsequently improve classroom and school-wide learning. Our solution brings together holistic data and collaborative tools and puts them in the hands of educators. Moment-by-moment, our users can visualize each student's progress, determine the right instructional or intervention strategy, and take the next best action. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Illuminate supports over 17 million students and 5200 schools and districts across all 50 states.

General overview of the role

We are looking for an exceptional new team member to add to the Engineering organization who will help take us to the next level of success by helping to grow and scale our Product Delivery teams.
This position is responsible for educating and guiding our Product Delivery teams in industry agile best-practices focused to improve efficiency of delivery while driving engagement across all team members.

Illuminate Engineering takes pride in fostering employee engagement to inspire innovative solutions. We are passionate about cultivating processes and practices that promote effective delivery of quality products our customers love.


Provide customized coaching and training geared toward increasing engagement, adaptability, and resilience.

Enable self-organization, experimentation, and learning.

Foster a mission-driven and continuous improvement culture.

Provide guidance and support for all aspects of the product development life cycle.

Design practices and processes that support the way people work.

Bring about change through engagement and the creation of shared value.

Teach techniques to increase focus and reduce WIP.

Help people interpret data along with the context surrounding it.

Act as a guide for collaboration and effectiveness.

Guide change with indirect leadership techniques.

Facilitate reflection on both the customer experience and internal processes.

Guide the creation of measurable objectives.

Coach work-breakdown to the smallest valuable and feasible increment.

Teach techniques to estimate capacity, velocity and throughput.

Teach forecasting techniques.

Teach interpretation of flow metrics and analytics.

Provide 1-1 mentorship.

Foster a Lean and Agile mindset.

Cultivate trust and psychological safety.


Have at least 2 years experience as a servant leader to engineering teams in an agile organization.

Have experience using Jira.

Have experience scaling tools, processes, practices and mindset in a rapidly growing company.

Excel at using data-driven analysis to measure and enable continuous delivery and have a passion for visualizing data.

Have excellent communication and facilitation skills.

Experience working with enterprise level teams.

Experience with teams in transition from legacy to enterprise.

Ability to introduce actionable goals to improve team workflow.

Skills considered as a good plus

Value the intent behind practices like retrospectives, iteration planning, daily stand-ups, backlog refinement, TDD, pair programming, frequent and iterative delivery, and fast feedback loops.

Relish in helping teams improve their approach to enable more frequent delivery and feedback loops.

Are biased towards delivery, transparency, honesty, learning and innovation.

Strive to inspire the agile mindset at all levels.

Love leading and inspiring people to reflect and learn.

Are comfortable engaging people in healthy discord.

Are comfortable challenging the status quo.

Value surfacing unintended consequences.

Value engagement, adaptability, and resilience.

Enjoy exploring opportunities to build relationships in remote work environments and enjoy rapidly changing environments.

Constantly seek new ways of approaching common problems.