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Analyst vacancy at Markeaze

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
Markeaze is a virtual assistant that helps online stores increase sales and significantly improve the shopping experience.


Analyze the structure of requests, content and intent of customer requests to the support service of various online stores in the United States.
Simulate and create scenarios (business process) for a virtual assistant in Miro using different models. You will work closely with Product Manager, Data Scientist, and Physiology / Neuromarketologists. When building scenarios, you will need to rely on both historical support calls and data on user habits and behavior.
Conduct in-depth interviews with buyers, support agents and supervisors in order to understand the true motives and requests, assess the quality of the robot's definition of intent and its answers.
Implement and track metrics of the script's work, analyze and make adjustments to the running script.


Ability to analyze complex scenarios and business processes. You understand what IDEF0 is, and you have simulated the processes more than once.
Perfectionism and attention to detail, high demands on yourself.
Do not be afraid to communicate with people and you can interview.
Excellent knowledge of English at the C1-C2 level is required. You have to analyze not just the text, but also clearly understand the intentions and semantic color of what is said / written.
Additional advantages for those who have written complex scripts for chatbots in online stores.

Perks & Benefits

Remote first. Flexible time off. You yourself determine your work schedule, the main thing is the result.
Transparent work processes. Weekly sprints for all teams.
Competitive salary based on interview results (in US dollars). Growth and benefits - as your value to the company grows.
Optional program. A contract with a US company.
High speed of work. The best of the startup atmosphere. No politics and bureaucracy.
Experience in the international labor market. Unlimited growth and the ability to develop. A culture in which people make their own decisions and are responsible for them.
The main tools for team communication are Slack, ClickUP and Zoom.

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