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Avaza Group
Employment: Full-time
Experience: 3+ years
Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
Avaza Group
Employment: Full-time
Experience: 3+ years
Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
Find a job as 3D Artist

Do you create art objects in 3D? You can earn good money with it!

3D artist is a relatively new and highly demanded profession in the IT world. All specialists in computer graphics can be roughly divided into 3D visualizers and artists. Digital visualizers work according to ready-made drawings and are in demand in applied industries - construction, industrial design, architecture and medicine.

3D artists create objects from a creative concept, and their services are needed in the film, game industry or in the field of special effects. The uniqueness of the Hidden Gurus platform is that it offers vacancies from all over the world. Digital artists have a high chance of finding high-paying jobs here.

Companies from Western Europe and the USA recognize the high skills of developers from Eastern Europe and Russia. That is why our service is in great demand when looking for specialists remotely. A wide variety of companies cooperate with us, from small startups to IT companies with a staff of more than 300 employees. Employers are looking for experienced remote workers from different countries and are trying to attract the best candidates.

Remote work - pros and cons

The advantages of choosing remote employment option for employers are obvious. In addition to saving costs on office rent and maintenance, the employer can make saving on wages, if he hire specialist from another country with lower costs of living.

For an employee they are also many advantages working remotely:

Pros of working remotely:

  • There is no strict geographic reference to the office. You can work from anywhere in the world.
  • There is no need to follow the strict rules of the dress code and other external attributes of corporate ethics;
  • Possibility of independent planning of the working day;
  • Savings on transportation, food and other related costs.
  • Comfortable environment for introverts.

Experts say that the main disadvantage of the remote way of working is the possibility of fraud by employer. Hidden Gurus excludes fraud option, since before the job offer will be published, an HR specialist check the company reliability. We check corporate websites, social networks and the general reputation of the employer. In addition, we are very selective about job offers, and we try to maintain a decent level of remuneration for highly qualified specialists.

Another disadvantage for remote job seekers is social insecurity. This is because many people confuse remote work with freelancing. Freelancing means that the freelancer takes all social and legal responsibility. He pays taxes on his own, is sick at his own expense, his vacation takes place at his own expense. Hidden Gurus will help you find a job with an official remote employment, full or partial social package. Freelancers can also find a project for themselves

How to use Hidden Gurus platform

In order to find the job of your dreams, you need to go to the appropriate category and choose a suitable remote job offer. There are a lot of filters for convenient search: you can customize the search by keyword, limiting it with additional parameters. Indicate precise programming environment in the "stacks" column, the tools you are working with, your level of English and your location, and the desired mode of employment.

We have developed our own Telegram bot which is synced with the job board. Our users will receive information about new vacancies directly in their Telegram messenger. Only those job offers that really suit them.

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