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Assistant Producer vacancy at Thunderful

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Sweeden, Gothenburg
Games: Thunderful is a creative development studio where quality is the most important parameter. We make polished gems. We focus on contained, single-player products in the triple-I to double-A range. In terms of customer satisfaction, we aim to be a world leader in this segment.

People: Each Thunderful individual makes a difference. We share a passion for playing and making great games. Our job is per definition an art form, as creating gems takes hard work and a desire to succeed. Each project can be a tough, hard road, but also inspiring and rewarding. A mindset of passion and brilliance deserves and fosters success. We want all co-workers to share this passion and will to achieve greatness.

General overview of the role

Come work with us at Thunderful! We are currently looking for an Assistant Producer to come help out on a new creative game!

As an assistant producer you will be helping with organizing the daily work for all personnel within the project and monitor the development team's interests for a sustainable work environment. You will help assign tasks, plan sprints and milestones, and assist the producer with anything that they might need from day to day. You will be a part of meetings with the team and help coordinate and communicate schedules & tasks so that everyone is on the same page.


Assisting with milestone planning and execution of fulfilling and renegotiating its deliverables.
Assist with continuous maintenance of the overall timetable based on the milestone plan.
Specify and follow up sub-goals, deadlines, detail planning along with the producer and leads.
Assisting with the management of daily activities within the project.
Help to continuously improve and adapt the development process.
Listen to and collect feedback from the staff on the project so that they have the conditions to be able to work efficiently and enjoy the work that they do. (For example, dealing with hardware, software, or work environment problems)
Identify deficiencies in the project and routines and actively address them.
Help the producer to regularly communicate the status and goals of the project to the team.
Regular follow-ups with middle managers / leads.
Continuously assist to ensure that the project is kept within budget.
Be a strong support for the leads to be able to develop and perform their job in a rewarding way.



As the assistant producer, you are there to make sure that the project runs smoothly and you will have the mandate and authority to speak for the producer in their absence. This means that the only person on the team you have to answer to is the producer, who is responsible for making decisions about allocation of tasks, priorities, overall project scope, planning, and leave within the framework of standard holidays.

The producer also has a budget mandate to hire consultants for the project, a budget mandate for purchases of hardware, software, or other equipment / measures that are not within the company's office or IT budget, and so on. The producer might delegate parts of this responsibility to you.

‍Personnel responsibility

The producer has a responsibility for the personnel covered by the project and might need your assistance with checking in on them and helping improve working conditions. Depending on the size of the project, leads may also have personnel responsibilities and you will have to coordinate with them.

‍Knowledge requirements

A good understanding of the development process for games, including agile development and standard planning tools like Jira, Hack’nPlan or Trello.


Completed leadership training at the university level will be considered meritorious.
Completed project management education at the college / university level will be considered meritorious.

Previous experience

1-3+ years of experience in the gaming industry.
At least 1 shipped project (regardless of position)
Having worked in any production role (programming, design, graphics, sound, etc.) in the gaming industry will be considered meritorious.
Project management experience (doesn't have to be in the gaming industry) will be considered meritorious.

Knowledge and skills

Lots of experience in planning using appropriate project management tools such as JIRA or Hansoft.
An interest in working with people, management & leadership.
Experience in agile development.

Language skills

Fluent English - for daily production
Overall Game development terminology

Personal characteristics

Strong communicator - both listening and speaking
Organized and structured
Not afraid to make decisions
Self-organized, and eager to take on new responsibilities

How to apply?

This role is a full-time position in our Gothenburg-office. At the moment our teams are working from home and we accept applicants who work off-site, but once the Covid 19 situation is under control (hopefully around spring) we want you to work on-site. We review applications ongoing.

Please write “Assistant Producer” in the subject line of your email and send your application with a cover letter and your resume to jobs@thunderfulgames.com

We are looking forward to your application!

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