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Back-end developer .NET vacancy at Smartanalytics

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
We are a provider of business intelligence and data management software solutions with international customers and projects. We help companies and organizations around the world make effective data-driven decisions.


Development of web applications (backend)
Assessment of assigned tasks, work on time, high-quality implementation (test coverage, maintenance of minimum technical documentation)
Compliance with internal regulations and processes
Interaction with the leader, architect and other team members
Participation in code review


How we see the candidate (soft skills):

Responsible. We want the task area entrusted to you in the project to reach its goal on time.
Interested. You support your business, do everything possible and impossible to make the project successful.
Self-organized. You are in control of yourself and your emotions and you can take control of the situation when something does not go according to plan.
A team player. You are ready to develop yourself and help your colleagues to improve.

Requirements (hard skills):

Understanding of algorithms and data structures, complexity of algorithms
Understanding of modern development principles OOP, SOLID, DI
Understanding web application design principles
Excellent knowledge of C #, .NET Core, Identity, Entity, Linq, ASP .NET / MVC Core, ADO .NET
Understanding of modern technologies and development tools (we use React / Type, C # /. NET Core, MS SQL Server / PostgreSQL)
Understanding the principles of database operation (SQL language, database structure design)
Possession of task tracking tools (YouTrack or Jira), version control systems (git), CI / CD tools (TeamCity or similar)
Technical English (reading performances, technical documentation)
Desire to develop new things

Skills considered as a good plus

Understanding of modern technologies for containerization and orchestration of applications (Docker, Kubernetes)
Understanding the principles of microservice architecture

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