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Backend Developer (Node.js + Python) vacancy at Vzahleb

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


A technology company that builds mobile apps.


It is necessary to concentrate the main logic of the platform on the server. The server gives the content - the client renders. Moreover, all logic should be unified and platform independent with rare exceptions. On the client side, there can be mobile applications, the web, all sorts of smart speakers, watches, kettles.
It is necessary to improve the architecture of working with the database. There is more and more data every day, they are more and more complex. It is necessary to ensure their storage with a reasonable power consumption, while maintaining the necessary relationships between tables, taking into account scalability in all planes.
It is necessary to provide the entire backend with a set of interfaces for interacting with the outside world. REST APIs, integrations with external platforms, solutions for interacting with people (dashboards, bots in messengers) may be required.
It is necessary to integrate solutions in the field of clustering and user profiling, automatic content moderation based on machine learning, neural networks, and just about that. As far as possible, you need to participate in the development of these solutions.
We need to optimize the storage and delivery of the content itself. These are texts, pictures, audio and video.
It is necessary to develop solutions for collecting and processing statistics.


Backend developer able to be above the stack, not in it.
We believe that technical and methodological outlook and the ability to solve problems at an abstract level are more important than mastery of specific technologies.
That being said, excellent ownership and increased interest in a particular area is warmly welcomed, as long as it does not exclude your interest in everything else.
All this should be combined with the ability, in fact, to saw decisions without spreading thoughts without action.

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