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Backend Developer / Python

120,000 - 200,000 RUB per Month

English: Beginner
Experience: 5+ years
Employment: Full-time


Company size: Company at the growth stage (from 51 to 300 employees)
The company operates in the market for the production of microelectronics and the development of software and automation technologies in the field of ecology.

During this time, the company managed to become a recognized leader in the development of digitalization software for the waste management industry. In addition to the automation system for all business processes and supervisory activities, an absolutely unique solution was developed on the market for forecasting and mathematical modeling of the situation in the industry.


• Design and development of server applications (backend) of complex web-portals in the agile team;

• Right now, a real-time response information system for the region’s scale is being developed, consisting of:

• CRM with mobile and web clients

monitoring of transport (software + trackers + various sensors);

• Automatic laying of 100+ dependent routes of cars "on the fly";

• Analytics and reporting.


From 5 years of industrial development on Python;

• Django;

• Django REST Fraemwork;

• PostgreSQL;

• Experience in creating a project architecture;

• Ability to profile and optimize Python code, work with the Git code repository;

• Experience in writing tests;

• Ability to understand and willingness to modify someone else's code;

• Initiative in solving problems, efficiency.


• A trial period of 3 months;

• A complex and significant project, in which you can be proud of;

• Flexible working conditions, focus on results;

Other information

In your application attach links to examples of your code for projects that you consider interesting and complex.

Logo Tech Back-end
Stacks: Python, Django, Django REST
Tools: Git
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