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Blockchain Engineer vacancy at Theia Finance

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Theia Finance

We are building a DApp platform that enables creators to turn their ideas into reality through the power of decentralized communities.

The whole notion of investing is on the precipice of change. Influencers will be the market makers and VCs of the future.

This disruption is brought about by three main factors:

1. The Rise of Social Investing:

A new age of investors look to social media influencers and public figures to find new investment opportunities in NFTs, crypto, and equity markets. The key to this is trust, reputation, and credibility within online communities.

2. Everything is Becoming an Investable Asset:

NFTs (Art, Musician & Creator Royalties, Metaverse Real Estate & Patents in the future)

3. Anyone Can Be An Investor:

Web 3.0 technology is accessible to anyone. A truly borderless & global financial infrastructure.

Using Theia, influencers will not only be able to monetize their following but also Expertise. Influencers can build markets and approve which projects/artists/inventors are allowed on. Their “followers” can crowdfund “approved” investment opportunities via a fully decentralised and secure Single Financial Instrument which investors have the option to Liquidate At All Times.

What we are building is an organic process for both creating and nurturing atomic networks by an optimal alignment of the right incentives between Influencers, Investors, and the Project/Creators.

Social Investing is already here, and it is everywhere. What we’re building is the logical evolution of this phenomenon.

Our website.

We are small and agile team of entrepreneurs, developers and designers. Join us, if you too want to make a dent in the universe!

Description of the job

We are looking for an experienced Blockchain (Solidity, Rust) Developer who is highly collaborative, communicative, and self-motivated. The ideal candidate has a passion for and a proven track record of leading the development of and launching great projects. This position is full-time and a 100% remote position.

Compensation: $60-150k + equity/tokens

Minimum Requirements:

  • Strong programming skills in Solidity, Rust.
  • Good understanding of Defi protocols - Uniswap, Curve, Aave, Compound.
  • Good understanding of the Binance Smart Chain
  • Fluent in English and conformable in explaining code

Preferred Requirements:

  • 5+ years of software experience
  • 3+ years Python or JavaScript experience
  • 3+ years of React.js
  • 1+ years of Solidity experience
  • Worked with L2s or different side chains
  • Based in either USA, Europe, Canada, India, Australia or New Zealand
  • Self-sufficient, great communication, fluent English and conformable in explaining code
  • Good understanding of continuous integration tools and blockchain management tools
  • Good understanding of blockchain test tools (e.g.Truffle/Embark)
  • Knowledge & experience related to implementing Diamond Standard into EVM smart contracts
  • Knowledge of market structures and exchange related concepts
  • Very experienced with Node.js, React.js and web3
  • Knowledge of Solidity security testing tools.
  • Full-stack capabilities

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