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Blockchain Security Engineer vacancy at Coinbase

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States
English: Advanced, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Coinbase has built the world's leading compliant cryptocurrency platform serving over 30 million accounts in more than 100 countries. With multiple successful products, and our vocal advocacy for blockchain technology, we have played a major part in mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency. We are proud to offer an entire suite of products that are helping build the cryptoeconomy, and increase economic freedom around the world.


Perform security assessments and threat modeling of assets, including various blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and other distributed ledger tech.
Partner with software engineering teams to advise on code and architecture for internal asset integrations, including node software, wallet systems, and key management frameworks.
Contribute code to in-house blockchain monitoring software to detect abnormal or malicious behavior (51% attacks, dangerous smart contract calls, validator misbehavior, and more).
Investigate impactful changes to the space, asset upgrades, and novel innovations such as zero-knowledge proofs and bleeding-edge blockchain protocols.
Publish blogs and give talks (internal and external) on newfound vulnerabilities, incident investigations, unique integration risks, and related topics.


Passion for learning about and working with digital currencies
1-3 years software engineering experience in the industry or education
A team player attitude, able to collaborate and communicate effectively
Passionate about solving complex security problems
Comfort with failure, ownership of one’s own domain, and pride in quality
Demonstration of our core values: clear communication, positive energy, continuous learning, and efficient execution

Skills considered as a good plus

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
Expertise in Go or Ruby
Familiarity with application security
Past experience securing digital assets
Experience working on a remote first team
Previous work in a high security and/or highly regulated industry