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CTO / Systems Solution Architect vacancy at Rekordio

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States, Australia
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 7+ years
Employment: Full-time, Part-time


A unique and proprietary hardware, software and social telecommunications coming soon to the US and Australian markets.

General overview of the role

We’re seeking high quality CTO to join our founding team with decent equity stakes. You must be able to lead a team through highly complex technical builds. You must love and have a passion for speech technologies. You will be joining as lead off a quickly growing company and guiding the development across many smart people with double degrees and PHD's in DSP, ML, AI etc.

You must have had experience in architecting and putting together multiple complex applications all working together in a cohesive manner.

You must care deeply about the quality of your work. You are opinionated, but also open-minded to information that might change your opinion. You’ll be joining our company as a Founding Team member.

We've already done considerable amounts of difficult work in preparing our company for launch. Spent close to 1m on building the company to what it is today, learn a colossal amount of hard lessons and spent many years pivoting and learning from our mistakes. You will come in and benefit from all these validated learnings and the hardships.

Our mission:

We exist to give people ownership, power and control over their spoken words.

You must have experience with the following:

Architecting multiple complex software solutions that all work together harmoniously to achieve a desired outcome

SOLID programming principles - https://williamdurand.fr/2013/07/30/from-stupid-to-solid-code/


NodeJs / Express

React Native



API development


Framework Architecture

Application Architecture

All main DB structures



You’ll be joining our organisation and have an integral say over how the technology is shaped moving forward. You will need to inspire a team to build technologies that most of the world would say could have never been built. We're dreamers, believers and Rekodoers! We're building absolutely amazing things!


Ideally you'd have experience with:

SIP protocol / Twilio




Recording, speech and video technologies


You must:

be passionate about our mission

be passionate about speech, audio, video, DSP, AI and ML

be inspiring and able to lead a team

be have had experience leading a team before

had experience in a startup and know how difficult it can be

be willing to ride through the hard times and not pull the plug at the first sign of hardship

be a team player and want to inspire others to be the best version of themselves

be continually willing and wanting to learn, improve and biohack yourself to achieve peak performance

understand what it means to join a startup, including; pain, perseverance, passion, power and purpose

Other information

PLEASE NOTE: We receive too many applications. So please in your cover message please include:

what experience do you have with SOLID programming principles?

any and all relevant links to past work that you have completed in list form (including any folio, apps and website links)

Due to the sheer number of applications, we're sorry, though applicants who do not do this will NOT be considered.

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