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Data Engineer vacancy at Postie

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


United States, Venice Beach
Direct mail for digital marketers

Postie’s software solution allow marketers to manage and scale effective offline marketing initiatives through data science, automation and measurement tools. These tools enable quant marketers to dynamically optimize customer acquisition, CRM & retargeting efforts. We work with top brands and technology companies who believe that in a world saturated with digital ads there is out-sized value in delivering a physical, tangible experience to customers


- How to write great Scala code and SQL. Scala is the backend data language of choice at Postie and much of our data is stored in relational data stores, ORC and Avro. Not every solution has to be (nor should be!) implemented in Scala but much of the work will be.
- How to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) for operational machine learning on large data sets
- How to build, scale and maintain ETL pipelines for automation, reproducibility and robustness
- Research, present and productize novel solutions in the direct mail domain
- How to be particularly empathetic in customer interactions


Postie’s DNA is data first. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering industry leading technology to make data accessible and its output effective and valuable. We must continue to act as thought leaders in the space and look to our core data team to lead the charge. We believe our core product is the output of the machine learning and data processing stack and you will help bring this to reality.

Perks & Benefits

- Remote (US Only) technical team.
- Zero bureaucracy
- The opportunity to learn from and collaborate with super smart people in an environment that values intellectual engagement
- Competitive salary and excellent benefits
- Flexible PTO policy
- Did we mention remote work?

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