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from 150000 RUB per Month

English: Beginner
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Company size: Company at the growth stage (from 51 to 300 employees)
Industry: Solutions for Gaming
Vigrom is an international development company. For over 9 years we have been creating solutions and products for online games. Today the company has more than 150 employees from Russia, Latvia and Cyprus.


Data collection, cleaning and data quality research;
Normalization of data, smoothing local extremes, creating prototypes for integration tasks;
Window dressing in accordance with business objectives and industry practices;
Prototyping, predictive models and evidence concepts.


High technical or mathematical education;
Strong knowledge of statistics;
Skills of loading data from unstructured sources (data exploration, data wrangling, data cleansing);
Strong knowledge of Python 3.x;
Experience with Python frameworks;
Skills of working with pure SQL at the middle level (join, nested queries).


Providing all the necessary equipment for the work;
High salary + bonuses for the result;
Visiting specialized conferences and meetings;
A strong team of professionals, where you can seriously pump your skills;
Career Opportunity;
Corporate events, open communication with colleagues both online and in the real world.

Logo Data Data Engineers
Stacks: Python
Tools: SQL Server
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