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Data Researcher vacancy at Messapps

from 1,000 $ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


United States, New York
The app world is a mad game. With millions of apps in the App Store, how do you ensure that yours is the one that steals the thunder? There are three components to it: a good idea, solid execution, and aggressive promotion. Our team will work with you during all of those stages to make sure you succeed. It's not just work for us. Creating successful apps is what we live for and what we absolutely love doing. Scroll down to learn more about our values and the team that will work on your projec


1) A clear understanding and analysis of the business requirements of the product
2) Conducting research by studying open sources and conducting surveys.
3) Analysis of third-party services and their APIs to obtain the necessary data.
4) Working with our databases, cleaning and optimizing data storage
5) Analysis of existing data and preparation of formulas and algorithms for converting this data into new according to the goals of the product
6) Testing and optimization of the obtained results
7) Demonstration of results in the format of presentations, reports and schedules


1) Substantial experience in conducting research and creating surveys.
2) Advanced knowledge of databases and sql at the level of writing complex queries. Excellent understanding of how SQL and NoSQL databases work and their differences. Ability to create a database structure from scratch or optimize existing ones.
3) Excellent understanding of working with various APIs and understanding how to get data by different methods
4) Understanding the operation of webhook and receiving data through them
5) Basic education in mathematics, statistics or programming
6) English at a level that allows free reading and understanding of scientific literature and correspondence on working issues
7) An additional plus will be education / experience / knowledge of psychology

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