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Data Scientist vacancy at Proto

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States
English: Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Proto is the leader in AI Customer Experience (AICX) for multilingual contact centers. Boost customer value and automation rates across emerging markets with natural language processing.

General overview of the role

Proto is driven by its passion to ensure that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone from all corners of the Earth. To do this, we’re commercializing localized NLP techniques for every task in the customer support domain: livechat, ticketing, translation, chatbot training, upselling, and more. The combined power of the product suite and the NLP engine outperforms singular solutions like Microsoft LUIS or Zendesk in emerging markets.


In terms of the product suite, the backend of Proto consists of several python (micro) services communicating through a message queue server. This infrastructure is optimized for clients with 24/7 contact centers thus, testing and high-availability are critical to us. We are hosted on a multi-region GCP infrastructure and rely heavily on Kubernetes and Google Cloud SQL (Postgres) to achieve high levels of stability and performance. The frontend of Proto consists of interfaces with cutting-edge UX principles that blend AI functionality with the tasks of contact center agents.

In terms of the NLP engine, Proto’s research team is constantly testing and deploying the latest deep-learning techniques for domain and language-specific phenomena (i.e. slang within the Filipino financial complaints domain). This NLP research and development is always client-driven with immediate deployment into the field and with support from the governments of Canada and the European Union.

Proto’s roadmap is focused on proactive chat, churn prediction and increased vertical-integration as the AI Customer Experience industry consolidates.


Smarty Pants: Masters Degree or PhD in a related field.

Strategic Thinker: Contribute to the company's technical product development & roadmap.

Polyglot: Native or fluent speaker of multiple languages.

Cool Cookie: This is a startup. We plan ahead but we must also be nimble and fast to adapt. If we asked your friends, they would say you’re the calmest person they know in tough situations.

Skills considered as a good plus

Familiarity with machine learning tools like Scikit-learn, PyTorch and Tensorflow
Experience with Python 3
Knowledge of RESTful API, gRPC, airflow, message queue
Experience with parser, semantic role labeling, or sentiment analysis, name entity recognition
Fluent in 2+ languages

Perks & Benefits

20 vacation days
Above market salary
Remote / flexible work
Competitive commission
Pets allowed at work (Vancouver office)
Total ownership of your work and results
Constant and immediate access to company leadership

Other information


You’re in school, running a startup, etc.
You cannot provide up to three references
You have a preference for unambiguous tasks
Your dream job is at a big, name-brand company
You’ll only be available 9-5 in your local timezone
You prefer problem-solving to be done by management
You consider an office with a ping-pong table to be a “perk”
You have difficulties working with people from certain ethnicity, religions or genders
You expect your company and colleagues to create the processes required for your success
You have ever quit a job within one month of employment for a non-emergency reason or failed to provide a notice period

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