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DataOps Project Manager vacancy at Deepgram

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Deepgram is the fastest, most accurate, and scalable enterprise automatic speech recognition (ASR) platform. With our patented end-to-end deep learning approach, Data Scientists are able to unlock unstructured phone, meeting and conversational audio files to generate business value. Deepgram take’s the heavy lifting out of long form audio tranion, so call center agents and product organizations can focus on what they do best.

General overview of the role

The goal of the Data Ops team is to provide Engineering and Research with high-quality labeled audio. Our Project Managers are in charge of creating, organizing, leading, and managing data labeling, audio creation, and data validation projects. To do this, the Project Manager brings to bear his/her linguistic, cultural, business-specific, and managerial expertise.


Evaluating existing labeling documentation and modifying as needed to launch new labeling initiatives using existing DG labeling team resources
Evaluating engineering, research, and customer requirements to design data gathering, audio generation, and labeling projects
Using current and new freelancer sourcing platforms to find, train, and manage freelancers
Manage the creation of new labeling/language teams by improving and expounding upon existing process documents
Aligning with the Data Operations team and other functional areas of Deepgram to define the scope and approach to building new language teams, labeling customer and research projects, and generating synthetic audio
Assisting with project-specific budget development, as well as time and cost estimations
Documenting process changes and process improvements
Escalating language team issues through the appropriate channels
Troubleshooting language team issues, as able and needed
Creating project instructions and final reports
Liaising with other functional areas of Deepgram, as needed, for optimizing workflow, communication, and situational awareness
Updating tracking platforms
Issuing contracts and payments to contractors
Analyzing current projects to propose additional/alternate approaches


Basic familiarity with modern computing and internet systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.
Experience working with global teams from diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds
Ability to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment
Excellent writing skills
Strong problem-solving mindset
A passion for language and communication would be a huge plus

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