735 day(s) ago

DBA/DataOps vacancy at NEOLAB

from 1,400 $ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Omsk
NEOLAB is an expert product company in the field of machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and building solutions to complex business problems on their basis.


Preparation of showcases for BI systems;
Setting up ETL processes;
Monitoring the correctness of the ELT tasks, the correctness of filling the windows;
Optimization of complex queries;
Finalization of the data validation and quality control functionality.


Experience of working with ClickHouse for at least six months;
Experience with Airflow or another ETL ELT tool;
Experience with relational databases (MSSQL, PostgreSQL);
Knowledge of any programming language will be a plus;
Experience with Git team development tools or similar.

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