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Director of Product vacancy at Current Media

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States, Canada
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 5+ years
Employment: Full-time

Current Media

United States, Chicago
Our mission is to enable budget-conscious consumers to earn additional income from their everyday habits. We accomplish this with an Android app and smartphone that pay users to listen to music, charge their phone, play games, complete surveys; and connect them with exclusive deals to save and earn even more.

We’ve grown our product by several multiples in 2020: over 200,000 people earn on Current daily, we’ve paid out over $1M to people in 2020, and are maintaining positive margins at an 8-figure revenue run rate.

Our team of 30 works in several autonomous, cross-functional pods. Each pod has a Product Manager, 3-5 Engineers, a designer, and a QA Engineer rallied around a core part of the product; together they are responsible for defining and achieving a set of OKRs. Our team is distributed across the globe.

We are rigorously data-driven with our product and engineering decisions, allowing us to prioritize the best outcome for our users while maintaining a sustainable business.


We are looking for an experienced Director of Product to join with the following responsibilities:
Manage a group of Product Managers and designers. You’ll provide world-class management support and coaching to ensure we’re working on the highest impact problems, supercharge their personal development, and spread learnings across the team.

Refine and execute the product strategy. You’ll work closely with the CEO, CTO, and your Product Managers to refine a winning strategy that delights users and enhances our margins. You’ll be able to clearly articulate the strategies to the whole company, align the pods around them, and work with the Product Managers to maintain a 3-6 month roadmap.

Partner with other senior leaders. The company will look to you as the face of the product team. You’ll forge close relationships with our Director of Engineering, Director of Marketing, CTO, and CEO to improve our operations, define OKRs, and filter initiatives to keep the product teams focused.

Standardize our processes. You’ll assess and understand the processes, product metrics, and culture of the product team. You’ll standardize & document our approach to building products, allowing us to easily grow the team.

Hire and retain world-class product people. You’ll understand the current gaps on the team, and be responsible for working with our CTO to create hiring plans to continue growing a world-class product team.

Promote a data-driven, growth-oriented culture. You understand the core tenets of growing a consumer product. You’ll foster a culture that prioritizes experimentation and optimization, and will use data to define and test creative strategies to increase engagement.
This is a globally-available position on our remote-first team, with a generous compensation package of base salary, cash bonus and equity.


our mission and company excite you!
you’re excited to join a growth-stage startup, and help level-up the company.
you have experience leading 5+ Product Managers.
you’re passionate about helping your team identify and achieve their career goals.
you have a track record of launching world-class, high-impact B2C products.
you have an established process for developing margin-enhancing product strategies that are aligned to the company objectives, and can be evaluated with data.
and you have experience aligning multiple product teams around those strategies.
you have experience developing, maintaining, and communicating 6-month product roadmaps to stakeholders at all levels.
you have a track record of attracting, hiring, and retaining extraordinary product managers and designers.

Other information

And, please mention in your application if…
you have experience working in ad tech.
you have experience in a growth role.
(These can be mentioned in the first application question or on your cover letter)

How to apply?

The interview process consists of a 30-minute phone screen with our CTO, a 1-hour product skills interview, a 1-hour engineering management interview, and a virtual onsite day with a mix of Engineers, Product Managers, and Senior Leadership interviews.

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