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Front-End Developer vacancy at JustControl.it

from 2,500 $ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Beginner, Pre-Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
Industry: SaaS ETL platform
Hello! We are creating a universal SaaS ETL platform. We collect, process and visualize large amounts of data, automatically analyze them and automate decision making.

JustControl.it already saves hundreds of users from daily routine, errors, loss of time and money. In order to turn hundreds into thousands and tens of thousands, we are expanding the team and looking for developers.

General overview of the role

We make a robot that, at the request of users, performs routine work for them. It’s enough for the user to say “collect me data from Facebook, GoogleAds, Google Analytics and a dozen other sources and bring them to me in an understandable report” - and JustControl.it will solve the problem, which will take a day or two in manual mode research.

The product is universal. However, now our focus is on the market of attracting users to mobile applications and various online products.
Our goal: to become the standard in this market in the same way as SAP and Salesforce have become in their fields.

To learn more about our team and product, look at our website. You can learn more about those who create the product on the team page and in our blog.


We are searching for thinking people who are interested in creating and developing a product, rather than just writing code. You have to solve complex business problems while maintaining simplicity and consistency of decisions. You have to be a lawyer of the technical part of the system in a constant dialogue with business.

We expect you to have experience in product development. This means that you can work in a team, write well-read and maintained code, have experience in developing tests, etc.

Now we are developing the product within the framework of the Angular ecosystem and are looking forward to your indifference to the technological stack, but we are not tied to technology - if we see a solution to a problem outside our stack, we will prefer a more efficient solution.


You will need a solid command of TypeScript and RxJS, an understanding of how Angular SPA works, experience with the Angular CDK, interest in state management techniques, and advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS.

We understand that a good developer can quickly switch to a new stack. If you can show this ability, then having experience in our stack is not critical.

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