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Front-end TechLead vacancy at FSD

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Tomsk
Company size: up to 50 employees
We are a team of experts. We write the frontend in TypeScript, React, and the backend in Haskell or Python, depending on the tasks.


Have a deep knowledge of the fundamental technologies that underpin the modern frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebPack / Gulp / etc.
Know and apply OOP, FP, DDD, SOLID or other similar concepts.
We do not believe that the number of years worked really reflects the level of technology proficiency, but we believe that the front-end TechLead knows more than how to make up molds.
It is important for us that you have experience in designing non-trivial solutions, where frameworks are no longer enough or even hindering them, in designing flexible architecture, implementing and, extremely importantly, in supporting the solutions you have designed.
You speak English at the level of reading technical documentation and watching speeches at professional conferences


Participate in all stages of development of client and internal projects: from studying the requirements and the subject area, design and development start to code review, CI / CD and deployment in production.
Interact with all project participants, including customer representatives. We try to give teams direct access to all stakeholders so that communications are direct and explicit.
Coordinate work on internal projects of the company. So far we have the only such project, a development map, and for it you have to: decompose tasks and monitor their implementation within the specified time frame, maintain a backlog, offer and defend your ideas, create conditions under which all started tasks are brought to completion. To see how the work is currently underway, go to Issues and Pull Requests.
Help in organizing the development of our developers: share experience and knowledge with team members, improve the content of the development map, help shape individual development paths for our most experienced developers.

Skills considered as a good plus

You can understand the business logic of the product without being limited to the technical side.
You understand the importance of proactivity for teamwork: do not accumulate toxicity, but express your opinion with reason.
Express your thoughts clearly in writing and orally.

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