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Fullstack / Backend developer vacancy at deeplay

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Novosibirsk
We solve the problems of the gaming industry using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. We develop applications and services to provide game quality control, decision-making assistance and behavioral analytics. We are one of the best in game analytics.

We have a tender love for mathematics and game theory, and we are also confident in the future of this direction: the geography of the market is expanding, the potential of the gaming industry is growing and developing.


We are looking for a junior / middle (from 1 year of experience) fullstack / backend developer. You can be a backend developer, since 70-80% of tasks are still for backend, and we already have front-end developers.


From 1 year of production experience
Node JS + Type;
At least 1 production SPA (preferably in React)

Skills considered as a good plus

FRP (we use RxJS)
Knowledge / experience with CQRS and Event Sourcing (we actively use it for the project)
Knowledge / experience with: FoundationDB, RethinkDB, Redis, Apache Kafka, ClickHouse (using it all)
Tests / TDD / BDD
IDL and related serialization protocols (such as gRPC or ZeroC Ice)
Knowledge / experience with Kubernetes & Helm
Distributed systems. CAP theorem, typical failures and ways to avoid them, consensus algorithms, the concept of idempotency of an operation. Distributed lock and systems with leader election;

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