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Graphic Designer vacancy at Z N W R

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Minimalism & Streetwear Fashion Brand


work with tasks of graphic design and related areas of design - from creating an identity to showcase;
work with the product and its packaging, its digital and interior environment;
development of concepts in conjunction with the creative director / chief designer, design, drawing, independent preparation for production / printing.


Love for design as art that saves the world.
Sense of humor.
Be talented.
Know modern design tools.
Know the Coat of Arms of Lyubavin and Jan Tschichold, Paul Rend, Aalto, Walker.
Feel formal composition and color like a heartbeat.
Be able to work with typography, illustration, photography, modeling, engineering, design.
Possession of academic drawing.
Be overly responsible.
Clarity, speed, adherence to guides and deadlines.
Ability to verbally form and convey your ideas.
Knowledge of the basic programs of the Adobe package.
Knowledge and experience in printing, prepress and color separation.
Understanding the marketing and art component of the tasks.
Work experience 2-3 years.

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