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iOS developer vacancy at Dodo Pizza

max 3,000 $ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Dodo Pizza

Russia, Moscow
Company size: more than 300 employees
International franchise network with IT-technologies based on: pizzerias (done), coffee houses and donner (in progress).

General overview of the role

Application for ordering Dodo pizza. In it, customers order pizza for delivery and pickup, pay by card or through Apple Pay. The application works in 8 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Great Britain, Estonia, Lithuania, Nigeria. Dodo Pizza restaurants are already open in 13 countries, so the main task for the candidate is to help with their opening.
It is necessary to make an order in a restaurant through the application, to develop the application in other countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.).
We have 50,000+ users daily. Through the application monthly passes orders for 128 million rubles. We were in the top of the free, got into the featured App Store


We have native Swift development. We split each screen into several ViewControllers, separate the logic from the UI, distribute the code into frameworks and services, cover it with tests, and try to switch to TDD. We write difficult places in pairs: this is how we learn from each other and improve the code.

Ahead are interesting tasks on interfaces, refactoring, testing and accessibility. You can read about how we program in the telegram: telegram.im/dodoMobile.


You know how to typeset in both .xib and code, understood how to make a smooth interface;
You know different approaches to design and architecture;
You understood how good code differs from bad code;
Coded several projects.

Skills considered as a good plus

You know how to write tests, refactoring and support them;
Understand multi-threading, multi-module, DDD and architectures;
Wizard in UIKit: wrote their layouts for collectors, versed in animated tranches, or maintain accessibility;
Set up a build agent and support the green maidens, you know how to improve the CI process;
You have applications that were developed as a team;
Imagine how you can organize the structure of a single application for several countries.
You have one hundred ideas how to improve our application;
You can achieve the task; does not sit still if something is missing.

Perks & Benefits

We are paying for specialized conferences;
Convering specialized courses;
Purchase of professional literature;
Discount on English lessons at Skyeng;
Leveling up the skills of public speaking (we will make you a cool speaker);
Help in writing professional articles and promoting you, as an author, on specialized resources

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